Engineered clothing to support women with incontinence, prolapse and pelvic pain.

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€1 million investment in R&D

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EVB products improve the lives of women who face challenges due to prolapse, incontinence or pelvic pain.

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How it works

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1 Lifts pelvic floor

EVB products act like scaffolding for your pelvic floor muscles. It supports these muscles like a hammock, mapped to your body.

2 Stabilizes organs

The elasticated high waist compression helps stabilize the internal organs, preventing them from bouncing up and down and putting pressure on the bladder.

3 Positions pelvis

The support encourages the correct position of the pelvis, stopping you from actively over bracing your muscles as you try to support the organs yourself.

Why EVB?

When facing challenges due to the collapse of the pelvic floor, women have a few options to choose from.

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EVB Clothing

Creates a feeling of confidence and support.

Tackles the problem directly, not the symptom

Gives you an ongoing, long-term solution

Non-invasive, safe treatment

Environmentally friendly in the long term

Affordable, predictable pricing


Pads provide an unhygienic, non-environmentally friendly approach to treating pelvic issues. They tend to ignore the problem and only address the symptom while presenting an ongoing and high cost expense.


Surgery is an invasive treatment which should only be considered in careful consultation with your Clinician. It can be expensive and does not always solve the problem satisfactorily.

Electronic pulse

Electronic pulse treatment has mixed rates of success and requires you to stop what you are doing to receive treatment.