Having the Confidence to Get Stuck In

Having the Confidence to Get Stuck In


Is it a question of confidence? If you had told me when I was eighteen that I would work in a women’s sportswear company I think I would have laughed. Although my parents went to great lengths to encourage us all in to sport, my poor mother doing runs to swimming, tennis, badminton, horse-riding to mention but a few; I gave up pretty much all sport when I joined secondary school.


I really am not sure, it may have been that I did not excel in any one sport so I didn’t feel comfortable doing it. I know that it coincided with me becoming a teenager. As a mother of two girls myself I question all the time how I can avoid this drop out of sport for my daughters. If they are heavily involved in a club will they be more likely to continue their sport as the teenage years approach?


I now understand the importance of sport to me as an adult. The need for me to do an activity that makes me feel good and gives me a time out from my work and family life. Sport adds value to my life.  Is there a difference between how women and men view sport? Do men look to sport for the competitiveness and physicality? Do women look to sport for companionship and time out? The mental and physical health benefits to us all are immeasurable.


Should the sports councils approach men and women’s sport differently in order that they enga

ge and retain us in sport? Ultimately the goal is to keep as many people active for as long as possible. The new running phenomenon is clear to see throughout Ireland. Every village and town witness’s groups of men and women walking and running the roads. In many ways is that the future of sport, allowing flexible participation for all the family that fits around busy lives.

The sense of community within these groups is enormous. The elite down to the new comers all encouraging one another. Giving each other confidence and support. Is this the environment that women can excel as it allows for flexibility? Park run has a 53%  female participation rate as of December 2016. An extremely positive statistic.

I know that out of the all the women I know with differing lifestyles, work situations and financial means I can only think of a handful who still regularly partake in team sport.  How can we change this or do we need too? A lot of these women are active but it takes different forms, yoga, walking, Pilates, exe

rcise classes and running activities. Once we are active and encouraged and supported to do so does it matter how?

We would love to know how you keep moving and what motivates you.

Jo xx

PS: If you are thinking about getting involved in your local park run  as Customer Service Manager here at EVB Sport I am here to guide you through sizes, exchanges, returns etc. One thing is for sure we know you will love the support of our active wear and it will give you the confidence to get stuck right in!


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