Let's regain control, together.

Join the thousands of Women who use EVB to regain control of their lives after experiencing prolapse, leakage or other pelvic health issues.

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You are not alone!

Pelvic health issues affect most women today, but very few talk about it.

EVB sport has invested over €1 million in Research and Development to help women regain control after being diagnosed with Prolapse, Leakage and other pelvic health issues.

How does it work?

EVB is specially engineered clothing that works in 3 main ways.
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1 Lifts the pelvic floor

2 Stabilizes your organs

3 Positions your pelvis

Doctor Reviews

Meave Whelan

Dr Cliona O'Sullivan

Dr Maire Milner & Miriam Gamble

Customer Reviews

Samala Bygraves - UK

Women's Health coach

Simone - UK

Anthropology Student

Dr Louise Fitzgerald - Ireland

GP and Mum of 1

Sophie power - UK

Ultrarunner, mum of 3

Brenda Deremer - USA

Active 73 yr old Mum

Emma Francis- UK

Runner & mum of 3

Michelle - USA

Paula Brown

What to do next?

If you are ready to regain control, it's time to find the right product for you. We understand that choosing the right products and sizing can be confusing, so we offer the following services to help.

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If you would like expert advice on the best product and size for you, we offer confidential 1 to 1 zoom calls with our staff.

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Each of our products suits a different type of Woman. Our quiz asks some simple questions to find the best one for you.

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A tight fit is vital for our products to work. Our calculator helps you find the perfect size with some easy measurments.

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