EVB Sport featured in nursing in general practise

Very timely article for World Continence Week (15th – 22nd June) with The May – June edition of Nursing in General Practise on ‘Measures for Female Urinary Incontinence’ written by consultant Obs/Gynae Dr M Milner and Miriam Gamble physiotherapist in Women’s Health. The article sets out the prevalence of the problem, some of the causes and what treatment options are available. Miriam writes about the holistic approach to pelvic health physio. There is so much more to physio that learning how to do your kegel exercises correctly.

A physiotherapist will look at the spine, hips, feet, diaphragm, ribcage, breathing pattern, scar tissue on the abdomen or perineum, bowel habit, muscle function of abdominals, gluteals, adductors. A vaginal assessment will determine pelvic floor function. A large percentage of women have an overactive pelvic floor, one that doesn’t relax properly, which needs to “downtrain” before work on strengthening/ improving function can begin. But SUI is not usually a brute-force issue. Specificity, co-ordination and timing all need to be addressed. 25% of women will do a Valsalva manoeuvre when asked to turn their pelvic floor on. And only half of women will do PFEs correctly based on verbal instruction: the best technique is to ask her to pretend to hold in flatulence. 

EVB Significant benefit derived by 50% of women

We were delighted to see our research being mentioned in the article and EVB engineered clothing recognised as a valid tool in the kit bag for non invasive solution. 

Dr M Milner states that in

2013 EVB garment was custom designed by an Irish engineer for female runners with urinary leakage. Its varying elasticity provides compression to gluteal muscles and thighs and results in uplift to pelvic floor muscles. The central section is suspended from a high waistband, resulting in a hammock or sling effect. The mix, panelling and layering of the fabrics act together to encourage the pelvis into a neutral, aligned position and this improves posture: this was confirmed in work last year in UCD Department of Bioengineering. EVB garment is in wide usage now by urogynaecologists, physiotherapists, and urologists, and the experience is that significant benefit is derived by at least 50% of women.

A copy of the full article can be accessed here

Leading non invasive choice for stress incontinence

It is clear to see why we are the leading choice of therapy for Obstetricians and Gynecologists in helping women to get back exercising when you read reviews like this on TrustPilot

I have severe stress incontinence for a few years now. My gynacologist recommend i take a look at EVB shorts for stress incontinence. I was willing to try anything as i could not go for a walk go to gym even to cough or sneeze if i had not a pad on i would be soaked.So i bought these EVB shorts after reading a lot positive reports . I am absolutely delighted with the outcome. I can now walk run go to the gym do so much when wearing these shorts with no leakage. Oh my God the freedom. I have been so embarrassed if i was out with friend and i forgot to wear a pad i would be soaked now i have the freedom of doing all these things .They are also very comfortable and help to support my back and tummy while i do my everyday work..I can not recommend these shorts enough as they have help change my life.If you are wondering should you try them i will guarantee they are like magic..I would give them 100% ..Thank you EVB and Yvonne was extremely helpful in recommending the correct size for me..Very happy stress incontinence free customer.– Bernadette O Hara June 2020

or simply put by Aisling on Trustpilot yesterday

Really supportive garment and definitely helps exercising without fear !

Helping women to get back to exercise and helping them get back into movement without the fear of light bladder leakage or the heavy dragging feeling of prolapse is the very reason we exist. This is why EVB technology is the first step on your journey to taking back control. Don’t wait and loose any more time worrying. Come and talk to us today. You have nothing to loose.