EVB Sport Featured in "The Winter Edition of Womens Running"

The Winter edition of Womens Running Magazine is on sale now. Editor Lisa Jackson talks to pelvic health experts to find out how women can strengthen their pelvic floor to make them stronger and more confident runners. The feature includes top tips from GP and Author of  Sorted, the Active Woman’s Guide to HealthDr Juliet Mc Grattan  and Emma Brockwell  Co Founder of Pelvic Health Campaign Pelvic Roar  and Founder of  Physio Mum

We are delighted to feature in this edition. A great initiative by editor Lisa Jackson for a timely article with good tips and advise especially in light of the anxiety that is currently in society in relation to the mesh surgery.

‘If you are experiencing SUI, it is really important to seek advice, ideally from a Womens Health Physiotherapist, before considering surgical intervention’ says Emma Brockwell.

The article also features stories from real women on what has worked for them and how they are dealing with stress incontinence.


Dr Mc Grattan is race director for the inspiring 261 Fearless Organsiation. She is extremely passionate about getting women active and in particular getting them into running. We would recommend you also follow her blogs for top tips on parenting and exercise and for news updates on Fearless 261 Campaign. Take a look at one her her best blogs  

Don’t forget to pick up your copy of Womens Running magazine. A must as you set your goals for 2019!