All About Sizing

At EVB we get lots of questions about sizing. Here we have compiled a handy guide answering those most asked along with some reviews about our sizing.

Sizing Statistics:

Out of 196 people in a recent customer survey

61% matched their usual size

25% preferred a smaller size EVB to what they usually wear

14% preferred a larger size EVB to what they usually wear.

We all know sizes can vary from brand to brand so it is best to measure first and if in doubt reach out to us for guidance. We are here to help


How to measure yourself:

Measure the waist

Place a tape measure around your body at the middle point between your ribs and your hips, usually just above your belly button. At top of the hip bone. No need to pull too tight.

Measure the hips

Stand with your feet together and wrap the tape around your hips and the roundest/widest part of your rear. Be sure to keep the measuring tape straight! Breathe normally while taking measurements. No need to pull too tight.
Click here for a Measuring Demonstration Video


Sizing Calculator:


I’m between a size?

Put priority on the waist measurement. For example I am 34 inches on waist and 39 on the hips you are reading a 12 in the waist and a 10 in the hips we would start with the size 12. 

I am two sizes between measurements?

If your waist measurement is smaller than your hip measurement, try the middle of the sizes you are between. For example you are reading 37 inches in the waist and and 51 in the hips you are a size 14 in the waist and a size 18 in the hips we would recommend a size in between ie. a size 16 to start.

If your waist measurement is larger than your hip measurement, select the recommended size for your waist. For example if you are a 42 inches in the waist a size 16 in the waist and a 42 inches in the hip, a size 12 in the hip measurement please try a size 16 to start.  

I’m not sure if my EVBs fit?

You can contact us at or 00353 419831449 and chat to one of our customer service advisors. We also offer free virtual fitting appointments in order to help you find the perfect pair of EVBs. Email us to arrange an appointment. 

My EVBs don’t fit:

Simply mail your EVBs back to us and once we receive them, we will exchange them for a different size or style for you and post them back out. Or if you would prefer a refund we can organise that too. We pride ourselves on our customer care so please do not worry about this. It is so important to get the fit right and we are here to help at every stage. let us help you get back moving. 


Sizing Testimonials:

Size 8 Boxer Briefs -  June 2022  customer survey     

Usual Size: 6  Hips: 39.5”  Waist: 28.5”  Height: 5’4  - 
EVB Calculator suggested: 8 
'I used your size calculator online and it suggested the correct size. I didn’t think I’d be able to get them on when I first received them, but the product insert assured me they were supposed to be slightly difficult to get on :)'

Sally Walkerman - June 2022 (5 Stars Trustpilot)

'Hi, I'm a runner and the shorts have helped me get back to running without fear.

I’m 160cm tall, 73cm waist, 101cm hip and was recommended the size 8 (I was between an 8 and a 10). The 8s are not too tight. The support doesn't squeeze, just helps a huge amount in a subtle way! Highly recommend.

I'd love if there were a thinner/more breathable version for hot weather, but imagine that would be rather difficult to engineer.'

GS 23rd June 2022 - ( 5 Stars Trustpilot)

'I purchased the boxer shorts in a size 8, my stats are150cm height, 71cm waist and 94cm hips. I had an issue with the delivery and they took 2 weeks to get to me, this was a problem with the mail and not EVB but Sarah kept me updated throughout and I was pleased with the customer service. I would strongly recommend this product for anyone suffering with pelvic pain and/or prolapse.'

Heather EVB shorts - June 2022 customer survey

'I needed advice on size and agent talked me through best option having given her my measurements, which was very helpful. I’ve just started running again after a six month break due to pelvic floor issues, recommended by my physiotherapist, and have found the shorts to be just what I needed. Thanks EVB.'

Exemplary Customer Service - May 2022 customer survey

'I purchased the boxer briefs which are an excellent product which unfortunately did not suit my needs. However, the customer service is exemplary, and I cannot praise them highly enough. The communication is immediate and the care and support they feel for their customers is obvious and outstanding.'

Size 8 Shorts - April 2022 customer survey

'Usual Size: 10  Calculator: 8  Hips: 96cm  Waist: 77cm  Height: 5’7
You think your blood circulation will be cut off pulling them up but it’s so worth it and they won’t tear, they are made of the right stuff.'

 Happy jogger - April 2022 customer survey

'I am delighted with my EVB boxer briefs and would highly recommend them. I had a very helpful video consultation with Yvonne, and she advised me on the right size to get; she also very kindly offered to have a follow up consultation to check they are fitting right. The difference in my running is unbelievable- I feel supported and have already got some new personal bests! I would say definitely worth the money, and I won’t be without them in the future.'

In summary

Please take a look at the many reviews on this website or on Trustpilot. Please note we are here to help. We know what pelvic challenges can do to exercise and can be cause of stopping you in your tracks. Our mission is to get you back moving. Get you back doing what you love to do. Don't let the fear of choosing the right size put you off living your best life. Please reach out to us for support. This is what we were born to do.