Being a brand ambassador for EVB™

Do you want to become an EVB™ brand ambassador? Or are you seeking tips on how to become a more successful EVB™ brand ambassador? If so, you have come to the right place! 

Firstly, let me start with my journey on how I became a brand ambassador for EVB™. Three years ago, I was diagnosed with Grade 3 uterine prolapse, which knocked my confidence and self-esteem to a stage where I didn’t think I would get it back. I went to see a physio who strongly suggested I tried a pair of EVB™ engineered clothing. At first, I was reluctant as I wanted this whole condition to disappear, but after some persuasion, I reached out. That was when my life changed for the better, and I am not just saying that; I genuinely believe it to be true. EVB™ clothing not only gives me greater confidence and extra support, but the products are comfortable and discreet, and it’s all backed up by extensive research and science. After building a strong rapport with Yvonne, I was thrilled when she asked me to become a brand ambassador for the company, and I have since been a brand ambassador for EVB™ for over a year. 

So, what is it like being a brand ambassador for EVB™? Being an EVB™ brand ambassador has opened so many doors that I didn’t even know existed and has enabled me to connect and network with amazing and influential people within the women’s health industry. I have also got to know many brave women of all ages with prolapse whose stories are truly inspiring. I love being involved with EVB™ as not only do I genuinely believe in the effectiveness of the products, but I love that the company takes time to give back to others and strive to improve women’s lives. As their ambassador, I raise awareness about their mission to help women regain control of their lives after experience prolapse, incontinence or leakage or other pelvic health issues. Being a brand ambassador for EVB™ also comes with other cool perks, including having your own unique discount code so that your followers get 10% off all EVB™ products. You also receive products to run your own giveaway and get the opportunity to be featured in EVB™ marketing campaigns. The perk I find most worthwhile is the opportunity to give feedback directly on EVB™ engineered products that will be taken into account when building and designing future prototypes. 

My Top Tips for being an EVB™ Brand Ambassador 

  1. Download Canva. This app truly revolutionised the way I design and construct my posts. It provides templates for users, which makes it easy to formulate content for your promotions quickly.
  2. Track your sticker taps. For instance, if you have posted a story and @evb, you can see the number of times users have clicked on this. This can help you gauge the engagement with your stories and monitor which stories get better engagement. 
  3. Don’t promote too often. If you promote too often, it may leave your followers thinking you are only doing it for monetary gain, which may lead to an unfollow or a building lack of trust.  
  4. Track your sales. That way you can see which of your promotions are working the best and which need more work. For instance, do you need to post more frequently?
  5. Give some insight into the science behind EVB™ products. The way these engineered products work is truly fascinating. Over 1 million euros has been invested in research, and so far, EVB™ has been validated in 5 clinical trials. Share this information with your followers, as these are not just the average pair of shorts; there is far more behind them. 

I hope you have found this helpful and if you have any questions about being an EVB™ Brand Ambassador feel free to shoot us an email us at