CEO & Founder Yvonne Brady Featured in Global Entrepreneurship Monitor - 2021

The worlds foremost study of Entrepreneurship since 1999 launched its 2020/2021 report today. The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) has provided data to guide policy maker's decisions. This year the report focused on women offering insights into many aspects of entrepreneurship . CEO and Founder Yvonne Brady was honoured to be featured in the report. The report highlights significant increase in growth oriented women entrepreneurs worldwide. Women entrepreneurs represent about one in three growth oriented entrepreneurs active in the world today. The report found that 30.2% of women entrepreneurs surveyed expected to hire 6 or more employees in the next five years compared to just 18.7% in the 2019 report.

Our mission at EVB Sport & Core is to improve the lives of millions of women worldwide that are experiencing pelvic challenges. It takes a big and brilliant team with a passion for womens' health to do just that. From our team in Portugal working hard on new developments to our clinical strategist and medical advisors busy with research(3 clinical trials currently ongoing) to our amazing customer support team listening and serving our customers. Everyone on the team has a clear vision of what's needed to drive change. There is a mountain to climb in improving pelvic health worldwide. We couldn't do it without the support of our community. It will take more than a pandemic to stop us in our tracks. 

Read the full report here 

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