Brexit, An Post and Supply chain issues

An Post


An Post has said a spike in the number of its staff out of work due to Covid-19 was placing a “temporary strain” on its resources, which was impacting on delivery services in some local areas.

In a statement, An Post said that like many businesses it was “dealing with a significant increase in Covid-19-related absence, which is placing a temporary strain on our resources”.”


We know that throughout the pandemic businesses were and still are experiencing delays across the board from manufacturers, to delays in raw materials, to posting issues. The textile industry has experienced serious effects with staff out sick due to the virus. This staff shortages were seen in production, delivery and in house. EVB Sport and Core have had first hand experience of these delays and inconveniences. We know many of the delays faced at the moment are out of peoples control. EVB is working closely with An post to ensure the delivery of all our orders in the promised time frame.

As well as the pandemic we have experienced some delays due to new custom regulations introduced by the UK as a result of Brexit. We are an Irish based company and getting items to the UK has not caused any issue, but receiving returns of goods from the UK to Ireland has raised a few problems. Businesses are ‘facing days-long delays to cross the border because of incorrect or missing paperwork.’ ‘Can’t cope’: After Brexit, UK border customs system hits limit | Brexit | Al Jazeera

To tackle this issue EVB Sport and Core now provides a return envelope in all orders outside of the EU. This return envelope has a return label on it declaring it as a ‘return of goods’ and the return address for EVB Sport and Core.(this is not a prepaid label, please see our returns policy for more).

Even with delays across the board EVB Sport and Core has achieved a 98% success rate in delivery of orders on time. This analysis is based on the first two months of this year.

EVB Sport and Core want to assure you that our team is working hard to get it delivered to you as soon as possible.

If you have any specific questions relating to your order, please email our customer service team at