EVB Sport and Core on Operation Transformation and LMFM

We received a wonderful mention on RTE’s Operation Transformation last Wednesday by the renowned pelvic health physiotherapist Shalini Wiseman.

Also on the program Kathleen Hurley, a participant on Operation Transformation, spoke very openly and bravely about her struggles with Urinary Incontinence.


It is a massive endorsement for EVB Sport and Core to be recommended by a gynaecologist, a physiotherapist and a GP on prime time national television. From working in women’s health, we know how much of a taboo there is about engaging in discussion about aspects of women’s health. We are really excited to see medical professionals discussing the challenges faced by women and advancing solutions to get women to the next step on their journey.


Kathleen openly spoke about her struggle with leakage and was advised to seek medical attention. She then booked consultations with a pelvic health physiotherapist and a gynaecologist. Both recommended adopting conservative methods. We are very proud to be among these recommendations.

We always suggest to women there are no shortcuts or quick fixes to solving pelvic floor dysfunctions. It is about patience and working towards small goals. We have seen women achieve amazing results! The bottom line is that there is the potential for really good outcomes.


Here is a link to the clip of pelvic health physiotherapist Shalini Wiseman on Operation Transformation last week.  


EVB Sport and Core also featured on regional radio LMFM late last week. One of our team members was interviewed about the piece on Operation Transformation and also about a survey we conducted recently.


The survey was a Quiz asking the question ‘did a pelvic floor dysfunction stop them from exercising and if so how’. From the survey, out of 160 responses, 88% of people said Yes.

This is indeed a staggering figure.


We will all be aware of just how important exercise and movement is for us both physically and physiologically and this topic regularly comes up, when we are speaking to women across the world, via our Virtual fitting consultancy service on the website.


Encouraging stimulating conversation about women’s health will break the various taboo’s. 


Here is the link to listen to Lizzies full interview, at approximately 19 mins. interview link 


We would like to say a massive thank you to our community for the continued support and to acknowledge that it is because of you sharing your stories with us that we are able to stimulate conversation about women's pelvic health challenges across national media.