‘I felt like the only woman in world to have prolapse before childbirth’

Well done to Natashja Wilson of @living_with_prolapse!

Natashja's story about developing prolapse at the age of 18 has been published in The Daily Express on 24th May. We know that women from all over the world face pelvic floor challenges and we know that Natahsja's story will help so many! 

Natashja was an intern with us at EVB Sport and Core during the summer of 2021. It is an honour that she chose to do her first internship with us. She is a true inspiration to women of all ages across the world! Natashja has bravely opened up and shared her story which has now been published in main stream media. The team here at EVB have learned so much from her and we know how much her community has benefitted from her sharing her story. Natashja is raising awareness about prolapse and how women’s health conditions affect women of all ages!

A big congratulations from the team at EVB! Stimulating conversation and driving change is close to our own hearts. We are proud to have Natashja as an EVB Ambassador and we will continue to support her on her journey. Please follow Natashja on her social media handles where she is so generous with her real life experiences of living with prolapse as a young woman Natashja Simone (@living_with_prolapse) • Instagram photos and videos

Link to full article here