Kathleen Hurley - RTE Operation Transformation Leader 2022

‘I saw that on the show last week and I was so delighted to see the problem being discussed openly on TV. For years it was why I didn't run but was too embarrassed to tell anyone. If only I knew there was help out there.’ Judith Smyth (EVB customer)

Emails and phone calls just like this have been coming in to EVB Sport & Core for the last 2 weeks. Kathleen Hurley is a leader on this years RTE Operation Transformation. She has spoken so openly and honestly about surgical menopause and the symptoms associated with same. During her OT journey she was advised to make an appointment with a pelvic health physio to discuss her pelvic health and in particular bladder leakage. She consulted with Shalini Wiseman a specialist physiotherapist who recommended EVB’s to help her get back into exercise ‘ EVB’s are like a sports bra for your core’ Shalini advised Kathleen. Kathleen reached out to us and she was fitted for her EVB’s.

On Sat 19th February Kathleen wore her EVB leggings to the 5k run in the phoenix park. We got a chance to meet her after the race and find out how she got on. Not only did she feel more confident, more comfortable but the support to her back was second to none.

Lower back support Kathleen Hurley & EVB CEO Y Brady post race catch up.
At EVB we design and manufacture garments to help keep women moving. On a daily basis we hear that pelvic challenges can stop people in their tracks. The fear of making things worse or the shame of leaking in public can be overwhelming. These are some of the comments from women on our social media platform recently when asked if pelvic dysfunction has impacted their ability to move/exercise:
  • I haven't run since giving birth 16m ago + prolapse. Used to run twice a week and had run a marathon.
  • Used to run regularly, but not anymore.
We know that exercise is the best form of medicine we can take. For more than a decade heart disease and cancer have claimed the first and second spots respectively as the leading causes of deaths in America. Regular exercise can go a long way to help prevent these diseases.  Kathleen Hurley has done a huge service to the women of Ireland highlighting an issue that so many find difficult discussing and that is stopping them lead a normal life. RTE’s Operation Transformation has done a great service with their emphasis on the leaders increased confidence levels and improved mental health. 

Over 5000 people braved the wind and rain on Saturday in the Phoenix Park to show their support for this years’ Leaders. There were smiles all around at the end of the race and the atmosphere was electric. It was lovely to get to meet Kathleen and her daughter Heather and discuss our EVB’s. It was an honour to pass on the messages from our community thanking her for speaking so openly and highlighting pelvic dysfunction on National TV. We will look forward to working closely with Kathleen far beyond the show and continue to follow her journey. She has been so generous sharing her experiences and we are thrilled to have her join the EVB Community.

Operation Transformation 2022 5k run Phoenix Park
EVB customers E Holian & D Smith at OT 5K