New Year, New Me

New Year, New Me.

It’s January and everyone is talking about getting back into exercise and how important exercise is for us both physical and mental perspectives.

The New Year's push is on!!

From working at EVB™,  I have the opportunity to host virtual appointments with women from all across the world. These virtual appointments take about 15 minutes and people can tell me as much or as little as they want about their situation. From there, I guide them to the product solution and size that best suits their shape and specific needs. Listening to their stories really opens your eyes to the world of pelvic health and the variable ways women are treated across the world with regards to their pelvic health.

Reflecting over the first week back, I spoke to 19 women via virtual appointment consultations. One woman from Costa Rica told me how she uprooted her whole life to be closer to nature and live a more balanced life, and she assured me that she was removed from nearly all civilization. She described to me how beautiful her environment is and the whole idea about moving away was to be in the mountains and live in nature. Mountain walking was obviously a big part of her life.

This lady was recently diagnosed with a prolapse, she felt symptoms herself come on but as resources in Costa Rica are limited, she was waiting until she was back into the United States to visit a pelvic floor physiotherapist. At EVB, now focused for 9 years on pelvic health, we know that pelvic health physiotherapy is generally a limited resource and Costa Rica is no different.

 When the lady did get a consultation with a Doctor, the response to her prolapse problem and inability to exercise was ‘you’re a little bit older now what do you expect’ kind of attitude which is something we hear far too often at EVB™ . We all know how important exercise is for you, but if your doctor or your medical team are telling women they can’t exercise, what are they supposed to do?

This is something we are hearing all the time via our virtual appointment consultations. The science is out there that confirms that exercise is important and vital for people both physically and mentally. So why are we not pushing for more solutions in the world of women’s health to keep people safe whilst moving?

Our passion is to keep women moving and to give women back the confidence to do what they want - be it a walk or to start  training for a 5k or indeed just doing the dishes comfortably.

EVB’s™ are designed to take the load off the pelvic floor and in 2021 we proudly provided solutions to women across 30 countries and 4 continents.

In addition. You will find that many Physiotherapists have created free content online to keep women moving – check out Dr. Brianne Grogan, Jeanice Mitchell, Empowered motherhood, Emma Brockwell. They have recognized the need to give women the tools to keep them moving and give so generously of their time to drive change an improvement in the management of pelvic health.


You may be interested in some of the views and stories taken from Trust Pilot where EVB™ enjoy a star rating of 4.8.

Here is the link.



Wish I knew about them sooner

Evb was recommended to me by my physio and I have to say they were fantastic, I had trouble with my size being short stature and falling between sizes and honestly they couldn't have been nicer and more helpful with getting me sorted with right size. I'm not an athlete but carry a 1 year on my hip constantly and since he was born and because of this my physio recommended the shorts/pants. Definitely recommend for anyone that is having trouble and trying to work on improving any issues postpartum and otherwise. I've had 3 kids and honestly, I wish I had known about this after my first.


EVB boxer briefs have transformed my ability to exercise and also day to day activities. When I have them on I feel like I have a functioning pelvic floor, so supportive and comfortable, I actually forget! Yvonne is more than the founder/inventor, her personalised service is so unique & she offers much more than just a product, with her useful resources and information. It doesn’t feel like such a lonely problem when you are aware of the supports available. I wouldn’t be keen on surgery, & evb is such an effective alternative.


If you are finding that your pelvic challenge has affected your exercise goals or has stopped you from moving, please do reach out to us and perhaps we can connect you with a physiotherapist and most likely EVB’s™’ will provide you with the supplemental support to get you moving again.

Book yourself a Virtual Appointment and let us see if we can help.


Lizzie from Team EVB