Things to be thankful for on Thanksgiving Day- EVB customer Michele Lawrence.

Ok ladies, this might be a sensitive subject for you, for me it was, but I have decided to embrace it and talk about it for all of those out there that might be struggling or feeling insecure because of it,

What am I talking about??? Your pelvic floor!

If you have had children, are in menopause or have struggled with bathroom issues, you might have issues with incontinence or prolapses. How many times have you heard from a friend... “don’t make me laugh or I might pee myself”? 

 At 42, I went to my OBGYN for a small bulge and was told that I had a prolapse. I hung my head in shame and felt like an old lady falling apart. Exercise was when I noticed it the most and I began to limit my exercise and what I did when I did exercise. I had just started to enjoy running and learned that high impact exercise can cause symptoms to worsen, making running not the best choice moving forward.  Fast forward 3 yrs. and mystery medical issue with a prescription of vigorous exercise, specifically running, to hopefully correct the problem and an uncomfortable prolapse and I went on the search for solutions. Why am I sharing this? It happens to a lot of women and I feel like we should open the door and talk about it, not walk around feeling alone and like it is something to be ashamed of.

What I learned on my search, was that in the US, this topic seems very passe, but in Australia, Ireland, UK and Canada, it is NOT! The information is out there and open conversation. When doing a google search, Sure, there were a ton of medical articles on what a prolapse is, the different kinds, and Kegels, Kegels, Kegels. What I wanted were non-surgical solutions, and I found them!

Kegels are certainly non-surgical, but my question was, how do I know if I am doing it correctly? I wanted honest information and discovered the She is a wealth of knowledge on proper form and how to detect if you're doing them wrong.  Then there was, where I learned that regular sit ups cause a pushing out effect and therefore create weakness in the pelvic floor, yet there are many benefits to doing different kind of core work.  I learned of Biometric feedback devices to help you uncover if you are using the correct muscles and give you a picture of how you are progressing. Finally, my most favourite were EVB Sports,

I discovered EVB through a online exercise group I am part of. I put it out to the group if anyone knew of supportive workout attire for prolapse or incontinence. A lady in the group had purchased the EVB Sport & Core pants and said she was able to do jumping jacks again without peeing her pants. That sent me to investigate. EVB Sport & Core is a line of workout pants, capris, shorts and underwear that create a hammock effect mimicking your pelvic floor. EVB are high wasted compression wear with 3 layers of support. EVB works to help position your pelvis properly stopping you from actively over working your muscles as you try to support yourself during a workout.

What happened next, I measured myself and went to the sizing chart. What I found that my waist was one size, and my hips were another. This made it hard to decide which pair was best, so I emailed the company and received a reply with a detailed description of how they should fit properly or possibly order both sizes and return the one. I decided to order 2 pairs and send one back. Well, we all know that during Covid Christmas, shipping was a wreck and over a month went by without receiving my order, I contacted EVB and got a reply from the founder, Yvonne. She immediately sent out 2 more pairs and we were in constant communication and updating of the shorts I had ordered. While this doesn’t have much to do with how the shorts performed, it has a lot to do with the customer service I received and that, to me, is equally important to me. The shorts ALL finally arrived, I was so excited to try them on and get to the treadmill. I slid the first pair on, UGH where did that spare tire come from, I slid the second pair on, UGH, how did my muffin top become a tractor tire. Back to the email I went asking how they should fit and how do I know which pair is best? Again, Yvonne responded and asked me to send a picture if I was comfortable to help me. Who does this anymore? Someone who not only creates a product but someone who truly cares about the mission of the product. I don’t know about you, but I can totally support any business with great customer service!

 What I can tell you about EVB apparel... while you will looking at the website and see skinny models, be real with yourself and look in the mirror lovingly and embrace the body you were given when you try these on for the first time. Once I realized that my muffin top turned spare tire was my own issue, the fit of the shorts was easy to determine. I picked my size and sent the other pairs back. They will be tight, and you will have to do the jump and wiggle dance to get them on. The waist is supposed to be high, and you should feel supported but able to breathe.

 A few months later and I still love my EVB's and am getting ready to order a pair of the underwear so I can wear my workout pants I love that have no support. I feel confident when I run, and nothing feels unsupported. It was a total WIN for me!

The last piece of information I want to share with you is to call your doctor or OBGYN and ask for physical therapy for your pelvic floor. It is available right here at Licking Memorial. There are 2 wonderful ladies who are trained and passionate about helping women with this issue. I was worried it would be awkward, but let me assure you, those thoughts are all in your head! You may have to get slightly undressed at your first appointment, but they are professionals. You will learn simple techniques to help you strengthen your pelvic floor as well as your core. You will discover what a Kegel is and is not and most importantly, you may protect yourself from an embarrassing moment with a few easy exercises.

I pray this post is helpful for someone reading it. I want you to know that putting myself out there sometimes is uncomfortable, but if no one is willing to talk about it, how are we ever going to learn and help one another.

  • Tell a friend about your issue, I bet she has something she is shy about sharing too.
  • Do some investigating on the sites listed and gather information!
  • Do yourself a favour and order yourself a pair of EVB Sport and Core clinically engineered shorts or capri pants!
  • Talk to your doctor about Physical Therapy for your pelvic floor!

Hugs and Blessings



A big thank you Michele from all of us for sharing your story. Happy Thanksgiving xx

Yvonne & all the EVB Team