World Menopause Day 18th Oct 2021

On World Menopause Day we are very honoured to have on our team one of the founders of Ireland's first menopausal clinic.  Dr Maire Milner clinical strategist for EVB Sport and Core set up the Menopause Clinic in February 1990. Dr Milner and her colleagues published papers about the importance of the clinic and the valuable service it was providing. 

menopause clinics

                        Dr Milner with EVB CEO & Founder Yvonne Brady

In its first 6 months of existence back in 1990 eighty-one new patients were seen . Most presented either with symptoms attributable to oestrogen deficiency (36%) or non-specific symptoms associated with depression or ageing (26%). There was a high incidence of significant family/social/marital problems (25%) and abnormal vaginal bleeding (20%). Read the full abstract here Setting up a specialist menopause clinic in Ireland: The initial experience - ScienceDirect

Minister Donnelly announced plans to roll out clinics across the country recently. In an article written in the Irish Times on the 10th Sept 2021 Specialist menopause clinics to be set up across Ireland (

Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly said: “I am making menopause a priority within our women’s health programme and I am proud to announce my commitment to fund this first dedicated specialist menopause clinic within public health system this year.”

The Women’s Health Taskforce - Women's Health Taskforce ( is in the process of developing an overall plan for women’s health, which will be brought to Government and published later this year. We have reached out to the task force with a view to presenting our covid and pelvic health research, ultrasound research and our gait analysis research to give insight into the conservative therapies available for pelvic dysfunction.

We want to thank our community for helping out with the research and we will keep you updated on developments. We will also be keeping a close eye on the roll out of the menopausal clinics across Ireland and will keep you informed also.