When Childbirth Doesn’t go to Plan: Jenny’s Story

When Childbirth Doesn’t go to Plan: Jenny’s Story

We are blessed in EVB Sport to get to know exceptional, brave women. Women that have sometimes being put through the mill but are determined to not let the obstacles put a stop to them living and in turn inspiring others to get moving. Jenny Tighe is another of the strong women in our community and recently we asked her to tell us her story. We know it’s her honesty and courage that will inspire other women to ask questions, seek solutions and get moving. Thank you Jenny for being apart of the EVB Sport Community.

Jenny’s Story

stress incontinenceMy daughter was born almost eight years ago. I had a dreadful time in childbirth and got horribly injured. The third degree tear, nerve damage and prolapses left me permanently and severely doubly incontinent. I became frightened to leave my house and I had to give up my job. It took a long time to recover, both physically and mentally. Adjusting to what was in effect a life-changing injury took its toll and I began to suffer from depression and anxiety. Incontinence is a very isolating condition.
I used to be fit and sporty before I had my daughter, and I really missed being able to exercise. I was too uncomfortable, too leaky, too embarrassed. I had bladder sling surgery in 2011 which helped a little but even with pessaries holding everything in place, exercising – even brisk walking – was still too risky.


The Missing Link

A couple of years ago I discovered EVB shorts whilst searching online for products that might help me get back to exercise. These were the missing link! I tried running again – I was impressed at how comfortable the shorts were, and how supported my core felt. Last September a friend suggested we try the “couch to 5k” programme together. Slowly and gently I found I could manage. Since then, I’ve got addicted to parkrun and recently ran two 10k races! I won’t ever be fast but that doesn’t matter to me, what matters is that I’m out there doing it and it feels great.

stress incontinence

Mummy is coming too

The dark days of depression are thankfully behind me – running has made me feel like my old self again and I haven’t felt this good in years. But it’s not just about the running. With my EVBs on I can at last join my family in our favourite activity (long walks) – being able to say to my daughter “yes, Mummy is coming too” makes me feel immensely proud.
EVBs have quite literally, given me my life back.

(Photos with permission from runthrough.co.uk)




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