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Right now is your time! 

Today is the day you put yourself first.

You are here today because you are experiencing leakage or prolapse issues. It’s great you took the first step in tackling this issue, but it’s important you continue.

So many women  come to us and are sorry they didn't reach out to us sooner. Their issue wasn't impacting their quality of life so in their minds 'why bother'?  Women who thought their issue wasn’t that bad, or just put it off until it was too late. But it is never too late! That's the good news. We have the supplemental support that will keep you moving. It's the first step in your therapy to keep you doing what you love to do. 

EVB was made to support you in this time in every way. Our products tackle the issue at its core. Stabilising the organs and lifting them, not only significantly reduces further leakage, it may minimise further damage to your pelvic floor.

Our UK partners WIN Health Medical will distribute our garments from now on while we concentrate on Research & Development. Please contact Gwen in Medical Equipment Suppliers | Win Health Medical, UK (win-health.com). the team will look after you. Tell them Yvonne sent you. 

    Risk-Free Guarantee

    We offer a 30 day support guarantee. If you don't feel significant support after 30 days we will exchange or refund your purchase.


    The materials for our products have been meticulously choosen for the following attributes:

    • Durability
    • Softness
    • Stiff/flexibility combination.
    • Industrial capability-Strength

    We use a Polyamide and Elastane mix to support the natural movement of the body, while providing the reinforcement to the core muscles where reinforcement is required.

    Flatlock seams chosen for their anti chaffing properties and positioned to reinforce the core muscles.

    All materials are certified to Standard 100 – by the OEKO TEX Institution.

    Shipping & Returns

    The details of our policies can be found here for shipping and here for returns

    Clinical Studies

    EVB Sport and Core have conducted 5 major studies at luminary Academic University and Medical centres to validate the efficacy of the EVB Engineered clothing solutions. Read more about our studies by clicking here.

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    Saving millions of pads being disposed of yearly


    External treatment is much safer than surgery

    How does it work?

    Our shorts are specially engineered to lift your pelvic floor, stabilize your organs and position your pelvis. They act like a hammock to your pelvic area providing the support your pelvic floor can't.

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    Is our average rating from over 315 reviews.

    "I love my new shorts, they have made such a difference to my confidence levels. I'm training and I've been diagnosed with pelvic organ prolapse, I'd been suffering with leaks running. These provide me with exactly the right level of support and I did my first care free run today. A very happy customer!" - Jennie Louise


    Of our customers rate EVB shorts 5 stars on Trustpilot

    "These shorts have changed my life. No problem is too small for Yvonne, she is always happy to help, I had loads of questions and they were all answered with honesty. I can’t wait until the leggings are back in stock. Absolute life changer..... Thanks." - Nicola Lumsden

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    Our Mission

    Our mission is to improve the lives of millions of women worldwide who suffer from leakage, prolapse or pelvic pain.

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    Try it, Risk free.

    We offer a 90 day support guarantee. If you don't feel significant support after 30 days we will exchange or refund your purchase.

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