Daffodil Day: The Community Comes Together

Daffodil Day: The Community Comes Together

Drogheda turns yellow for Daffodil Day

This month I asked Yvonne if she would allow me to share a special post with you all. Rather than being about EVB Sport it is more about the amazing community of Drogheda the home of EVB Sport. I know it may sound local but as we speak daily about how inspirational people can be, I wanted to thank all the people of Drogheda who have helped to raise of €2 million since 1987 for the Irish Cancer Society. Every March something very special happens in Drogheda. We paint the town yellow in support of Daffodil day to raise funds for the Irish Cancer Society.

Daffodil Day

Joanne and daughter Eliza St Patricks Day Parade 2017

€2 million raised to date

I know for most of you who read this you have been effected by cancer and that is how the Drogheda community came in to being. It was founded by my Mum, Lizanne Allen in 1987, in response to a phone call looking for volunteers to do a street collection in Drogheda. As with all family’s we have lost some special family members and friends to cancer and so my Mum jumped at the chance to get involved. In 1987 it began by getting a few friends together to collect. This has grown significantly in number over the years. I have been lucky enough to be on the town collecting nearly every year since and I can honestly say that it is an emotional and uplifting day. I have met and talked to so many people, some who wish to remember those that have not made it and those wishing to celebrate those who are fighting fit.


Daffodile Day

Lizanne & Mary 2017 St Patricks Day parade

Over the last five years I have joined the committee alongside Lizanne Allen, Mary Convery, Edeltraud Kyck, Jean Coulter, Niamh Matthews, Vicki Mathews, Rebecca Doherty, Joanne Allen, Majella O’Boyle, Sonya Carr and Gráinne Black. From the end of January until the mid-April we are busy planning the events. Through this work, we have all learned so much, meet so many amazing people and gained the support of the town. Without the community of Drogheda none of this would be possible.!!

Fashion Show

Daffodil Day

Survivor models at the 2015 Fashion Show

A truly stand out moment for me each year takes place at our Daffodil Day Fashion show. During the show, we have a section called Survival models and each year several local people who are living with or have fought cancer take to the ramp. When I say atmosphere in the room becomes electric!!!! You can feel it, every person takes to their feet and each year I have Goosebumps. This is why our committee keeps going. As long as we can raise funds we can search for new treatments and improve the lives of those families suffering.


Daffodil Day

The Black Bull Restaurant turns Yellow for the Day

Please check out our very busy calendar of  Events for 2017 . If you can help your local area and get involved in any voluntary activity I would encourage you to do so. Working with this committee and helping to do something so positive has truly enriched my life!!!




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