EVB and Me – Marina Swarbrigg

EVB and Me – Marina Swarbrigg

I run all the time!  I run my son to school in the morning, run my student daughter to and from various trains, run home and clean the house, run to work, run my business during (and after) my working day, run home and prepare dinner, run around like a lunatic being a “housewife” and run to bed.  And I do all this so I can run…… Run along the canal, the bypass, this hills of Belvedere, anywhere really, I just like to run.  Mostly I run by myself, well not strictly alone, I do have my gorgeous dog Ozzie with me.  Earphones in, dog running free and lots of traffic free miles to cover along the Royal Canal.  

The peace and quiet is fabulous, so much so, that the hardest part of taking part in events for me, is the noise, especially in the big ones, like DCM. When I did join a group to train for my first marathon, the biggest challenge was not the mileage.  The most difficult part was talking and running.  I could do one or the other, but not both for a long time.  I became a very good listener !!!  Thursdays is my Run Buddy day and I will move heaven and earth not to miss it.  Luckily my running buddy could talk for Ireland, so I let her and before you know it we have covered 10 miles.  We’re getting ready for the Ardagh 10 miler on 30th Dec….

My longest running companion is my dog Ozzie, both in terms of time and distance.  After undertaking to run my second marathon this year and do the training without the support of a group, we became a group of 2.  We would trot over to the greenway and run laps of the Park Run 5K course, to make up the miles.  Having gone through the horrors with foot trouble, after my first marathon, I was determined this time to REALLY look after myself.  After all, I’m self employed and on my feet a lot, so I could not afford to be incapacitated.

I cut back on my mileage, stretched a lot more, tried to do some core work and bought some EVB shorts.  I ran Dublin in October and as far as I am concerned, they got the medals wrong, because I WON it !  I finally got the buzz and it was worth every mile on the greenway, I was thrilled.  Im not sure what made it such a memorable experience this time around, but it was and I cant wait to do it again. Roll on Dublin 2018

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