EVB Sport invited to World Drug Safety Conference- Amsterdam

EVB Sport invited to World Drug Safety Conference- Amsterdam

On the 10th September EVB Sport was invited to participate in the roundtable discussions on Driving Patient Centricity at the World Drug Safety Conference in the Hilton Hotel In Amsterdam. These sessions were chaired by President of World Federation Of Incontinence and Pelvic Pain Patients Mary Lynne Van Poelgeest -Pomfret . The discussions were attended by a diverse group of people from all parts of the world. Companies such as Novartis, Sanofi, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson to name but a few, were represented along with patient advocate groups from all over the world.

Driving Patient Centricity- Roundtables

The top items to come from the roundtable discussions are as follows:

  • Communication and clarity to be a priority for the patient.
  • In Industry pharmcovigilance needs to come from the top down. Buy in to the entire process needs to come from top management level.
  • Clarity on labeling and putting the patient first. Removing the ambiguity, similar colouring system for different drugs to be avoided. Simple measures to be incorporated to make life easier for the patient.
  • Empathy is a must, including putting patients at the forefront of all decisions . The patient needs to be involved from the beginning of the process. The importance of working very closely with patient advocates was highlighted and to engage with these organisations very early on in the process of bringing new products to market.
  • Streamlining the regulation process and the need for collaboration between Industry partners was also discussed.

EVB Sport has been asked to speak at the Festival of Biologics in Switzerland between the 15th and 17th October at the Festival of Biologics . We will be Chairing the discussion on Real World Evidence with respect to clinical trials. We look forward to learning loads and being able to share the insights with our community.

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