Our New Sizing Structure

Our New Sizing Structure

Hi Ladies

I am so excited to be writing this blog after months of talking between ourselves in the office, questioning our loyal customers around the world and from discussions with our distributors. We are delighted to be launching EVB Sizing. I am sure many of you are like me and have a wardrobe full of clothes ranging in sizes due to styles suiting different body shapes. Purchasing online can be a very complicated business. We want to take the difficulty out of it for you. As EVB is delivering to women all over the globe we really want to move away from the complicated size charts and conversions from EU sizing to American sizing and Australian to mention but a few. We are launching our very own EVB Sizing which is a global size. All we need from you is your waist measurement, measured just at your belly button. When we send you your EVB’s all you need to do is bear your body shape in mind. Please find a few helpful hints below. Remember ladies if your measurement is close to the next size up or down we are always happy to help you and exchange sizes. Fit is everything and at EVB sport we endeavour to get you the best fit possible, so you can continue to be brilliant at whatever you are doing.


A quick guide to EVB Sizing

The best way to ensure that your EVB’s fit you is to give us your waist measurement. This will ensure that your EVB’s fit perfectly when on

You will find it a little more difficult to get your EVB’s on. Please do not worry pull and wriggle to get your EVB’s over your thighs and bum. They will not rip. We assure you once you have them on they will feel supportive and comfortable. As you have a small waist in it important that your EVBs mould to your waist measurement.

You may find getting your EVB’s on a little easier as your hips, thighs are a similar measurement. Ensure you pull the waistband up to or above your navel. Once on the waist should feel secure but not too tight.

As a pear shape myself I know that EVB’s can take a little work to get on. They will pull up the legs ok but once they come to the top of the thighs the work begins. The bum, hips take some wriggling and pulling. Once on they are secure and mould into my shape.

Please email or place customer notes on your orders and we will respond as soon as possible. We are all about driving change in pelvic health. Offering help, advice and support. Every one of you is so important to us. We are still a small team and sometimes volumes are high, we do care, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

EVB Sizing is a new concept and they do not directly relate to your size in other clothes or sportswear. EVB’s are support wear and can take some effort to get on but should feel secure but comfortable once on. The engineered support is unique. I can’t wait for your feedback.

Jo xxx

EVB Sizing Guide
EVB SizeWaistHips
24.6 – 26.562.48 – 67.3132 – 34.581.2 – 87.6
27 – 30.568.58 – 77.4735 – 37.588.9 – 95.25
31 – 3378.74 – 83.8238 – 40.596.5 – 102.8
33.5 – 35.585.09 – 90.1741 – 43104.1 – 109.2
36 – 3991.44 – 99.0643.5 – 45.5110.5 – 115.5
39.5 – 42100.33 – 106.6846 – 49.5116.8 – 125.7
42.5 – 45107.95 – 114.350 – 53.5127 – 135.89
45.5 – 48115.57 – 121.9254 – 56137.16 – 142.24
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