EVB Sport tested to extremes : Arctic Marathon 2017

EVB Sport tested to extremes : Arctic Marathon 2017

At EVB Sport we get to meet amazing women challenging themselves to great extremes. It is amazing what the body is capable of once someone sets their mind to achieving a goal. Justine Campbell is another such inspirational woman. We came to hear about the challenges Justine set for herself and heard about her broken pelvis. This was not going to stop Justine and her efforts to raise money for  Walk The Walk a UK Based charity raising money for Breast Cancer. We knew our active wear would help her in her endeavors and it was another chance for us to get the product tested in extreme conditions. So from Volcano Marathon with Sinead Kane to Arctic Marathon in 2017 with Justine Campbell our sportswear is certainly being put through the rigour. The Arctic marathon involved Skiing in -30 degrees in Abisko National Park, northern Sweden for 29 miles in 2 days.

Over to you Justine…….


Crazy? Of course I am! In February 2016 I completed an Arctic Marathon in aid of Breast Cancer, the people I met during my training and my time in the Arctic have inspired me to once again take on not just this challenge but at least 3 challenges starting with heading back to those sub-zero temperatures . Even though I broke my pelvis in two places in March and it’s taken me 6 months to get back to any kind of fitness, but that really is nothing compared to what so many people suffer in their battle with breast cancer on a daily basis.

Breast Cancer

Walk The Walk

With 50,000 women and men in the UK alone being diagnosed with Breast Cancer every year this is something that sadly, has probably touched us all and that’s what made me want to do it, for the tits of the world! With the support of the charity Walk the Walk .I’m going to do just that and take on these challenges. How hard can marathons in the Arctic, Iceland and London be?

Arctic Marathon

Justine during Arctic Marathon

February 24th saw me complete the Arctic Marathon, 13th May I’ll be walking the streets of London through the night and on the 17th June I’ll head off to Iceland for a summer solstice marathon in the northern hemisphere.

I have been wearing your fabulous leggings for the last few 20km walks I have done  and I can’t tell you how comfortable they are to wear, they give my pelvis great support.  I am off skiing again for the final ski of the season and then it will be head down training for the  Nijmegen Marches in July 4 marathons in 4 days (just another little challenge I have decided to do).  I am really impressed with the support these give me, I shall be wearing them for all my training walks up until the event.

Arctic Marathon

Justine Campbell Arctic Marathon 2017

Leggings are amazing

I have my sights on a mountain climb in Morocco in November this year for another charity, Mental Health. The leggings are amazing,  I used them for my last week of training walks the big 20 milers.  They are amazing and I shall continue to wear them.  The support they gave me with my broken pelvis is fantastic and for the first time training wasn’t painful.

Did I mention I am I crazy? Seems so… But these challenges are for a cause that has touched every one of us in some way or other and I hope you will be able to support my efforts by making a donation. Every penny donated goes directly to Walk the Walk, this incredible charity set up to help vital Breast Cancer causes. Walk the Walk help fund early diagnosis, treatment, support & vital research, and knowing this will push me on. And when I am literally freezing my tits off (!) and want to quit, I’ll be reminded of why I’m doing this again.

Walk the Walk

Arctic Marathon 2017

Thank you Justine for sharing your story with us and stay in touch. If you would like to donate to help Justine raise money for Breast Cancer follow this link.






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