The Science

You’ve signed up to your weekly fitness class, put on your performance running shoes and have your favourite sports bra on. Are you neglecting the most impacted part of your body while you exercise?

Inadequate support of the core muscles, pelvic floor, lower back and spine can cause irreversible damage, chronic pain and increased risk of injury.

1 in 3 women suffers from pelvic dysfunction. Among those considered most affected are:

  • Professional athletes who partake in high impact sport such as gymnasts, runners or long jumpers.
  • Pregnant women, post-pregnant women, or those who have given birth at any stage of their life.
  • Women who are experiencing menopause, or have already experienced menopause.
  • Women who have had gynecological surgery, e.g. a hysterectomy.

Additional risk factors that can increase a person’s risk of developing pelvic floor problems include:

  • A history of back pain
  • Previous trauma to the pelvic region, such as a fall or pelvic radiotherapy
  • Chronic cough or sneeze (e.g. due to asthma, smoking or hayfever)
  • Being overweight, or having a BMI above 25
  • Heavy lifting on a regular basis – either at work or at the gym

Maeve Whelan Chartered Physiotherapist

Kegel exercises

Independent physiological tests show EVB sportswear activates the core muscles, engages the pelvic floor, and supports lower back for increased muscular strength and performance.

It is for this reason that EVB sportswear is backed by the best physiotherapists and sports fitness professionals, the world over.

  • Impact on hard surfaces creates pressure of 3 – 7 times body weight. Patent pending design engineered to mimic the body’s core muscles; create a comfortable ‘firming’ effect; Prevents irreversible muscle and lower back damage, and reduces the risk of long term damage and protects your core.
  • Testers of EVB sportswear reported increased support and comfort, and demonstrated increased performance.
  • Independent trials show 70% pressure reduction on pelvic floor muscles with EVB sportswear.
  • 50% of women with urinary incontinence a symptom of pelvic dysfunction reported zero leakage when exercising while wearing EVB sportswear.
  • 100% of testers reported improved levels of confidence and support while wearing EVB sportswear.
  • Most importantly in a recent customer satisfaction survey 90% of our customers love our sportswear but more importantly again they are achieving their potential and reaching their goals. That is what we are about. DON’T put off your future any longer. Its your time NOW!!

Maeve Whelan Chartered Physiotherapist


Dr Cliona O Sullivan - Dept of Physiotherapy UCD