In conversation with a Practice Nurse – Julie O’ Shea

In conversation with a Practice Nurse – Julie O’ Shea

 Driving Change for better Pelvic Health

This week I managed to get a few minutes to talk to one of our customers Julie O’Shea. Julie is a runner and it was through running that she heard about EVB Sport. On meeting Julie, I discovered that she was a practice nurse in a local GP service. We have enjoyed many conversations on pelvic health and the resources that are currently available in Ireland. She was kind enough to answer a few questions for me.

Julie can you tell me a little about your nursing background and how long you have been a practice nurse?

I’ve been a practice nurse and midwife for 3yrs. Prior to this my background was primarily midwifery both here and in Australia. I have always had a particular interest in women’s health.


When it comes to pelvic health, what are the questions your patients ask you?

Since moving into the area of practice nursing I’m seeing more and more ladies with pelvic health issues. These range from bladder incontinence issues right through to more serious prolapse requiring surgery. A lot of the woman I see are finding it difficult to access gynae services and physiotherapy due to long waiting lists for appointments. A big issue that I have experienced in my own practice is that these women are finding it difficult to get the regular exercise they once enjoyed due to their pelvic issues. I also find there is a reluctance to admit issues like incontinence due to embarrassment about it.

How do you think we can help to educate women around this area?

I would love to see more access to physiotherapy for these ladies. I would also love to see more emphasis placed on pelvic care in the postnatal period so that more women are aware of potential issues and be proactive about getting help early on.

What services would you like to see being offered to women, pre and postnatally and during the menopause.

I would love to see is automatic physiotherapy and gynae reviews put in place early for ladies that have had larger babies or difficult / complicated births. More education and opportunities to discuss these intimate pelvic issues can only help with giving ladies the confidence to speak up and ask for help. I myself have issues with stress incontinence and have attended physiotherapy. There is a definite improvement and with that and wearing my EVB gear I can continue to run regularly. I completed the Dublin marathon last October with my EVB and had no bladder mishaps!!


We would love to hear from you about your experience. We are aware that different countries are looking at pelvic health in different ways and I think we can all learn by sharing our experiences.


Have a great weekend

xx Jo

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