International Women’s Day. Be bold for change!

Be Bold for Change

International Women’s Day. Be bold for change!

Let’s celebrate our International Community!

EVB Sport celebrates real, driven, women who won’t take no for an answer. We love those strong women who want to make changes to their lives and become all that they can be! From women who just want to get back moving, to women who have enormous goals to achieve. All of their journeys, big or small, are important to us and we’re delighted to know them. So, in their honor, and to celebrate International Women’s Day, we decided to share some of their stories, which we think are particularly inspiring.  You’ll see that they’ve one thing in common … setting goals and achieving them! They can not be stopped – they allow nothing to get in their way!

Elana Dror: Israel

A few years ago, my brother-in-law was sick and received a kidney from his son. Two years later I saw a donation ad in the paper and decided to try. I went to an organisation involved with donation – The Gift of Life. They asked me if I wanted to donate to a man, woman, child – I did not mind. And so – on June 14, 2014 I went into surgery and I left without my left kidney! A year later I decided to start running and I joined a women’s running group. I finished the 10K at the Tel Aviv Marathon last year, for the first time and now every year it will be a must. I am running in the Jerusalem Marathon in two weeks. The picture below is from the Tel Aviv 10K marathon.

running in Israel

Aileen Hickie Cooper: Ireland

I suffered spontaneous pubic symphysis when pregnant with each of my five kids and this, while rectified, has left me with a slightly unstable pelvis. I love your product. Since I discovered EVB sports shorts early last summer I have loved running in them. I discovered them on a stall in Elvery’s in Dundrum and my friend Nicola happened to be wearing them as well when we ran the Clontarf half marathon together last summer. I’ve since purchased a second pair as I liked wearing them so much. I didn’t have time to wait for the first pair to be out of the wash so a second pair was required and both pairs came to New York for the marathon last November. I love them because of the amazing support they give and how well they stay up and how comfortable they are despite being close fitting. In fact, I have disliked running in ordinary running leggings this winter as it was too cold for shorts! I’m running the Berlin Marathon this September and look forward to wearing the EVB shorts once again!

Elin O’ Neill: Wales

My name is Elin and I live on the Gower peninsula in South Wales. I’m surrounded by miles and miles of rugged coastal paths with spectacular scenery. I have always enjoyed all kinds of exercise, but since my early twenties running especially has been my passion. It’s a great way to de-stress and de-clutter my mind. In the last few years I’ve suffered with intermittent lower back problems , and was managing my running according to the pain. Discovering EVB sportswear was a massive turning point for me, from the moment I tried them on and stepped outside for my first run my back felt “safe” – they offered a stability that I hadn’t felt with any other running tights. Having also discovered Pilates as an aid to improving my core muscles – this along with my EVB’s have allowed me to diversify from road running to trail running. I will be taking part in a coastal trail half marathon at the end of March.

running mums

Natasha Duggan: Ireland

I have been meaning to send you my story the last while. So I’ll start ….. I’ve been wearing my EVB shorts since I had my 1st child. I had an issue as I had grade 3 tear and needed physio. Shorts really helped with my recovery and got me back to normal. Fairly fast. Back doing all my fitness stuff. Had my 2nd child within 2 years of the 1st. I had a prolapse but was not too bad and eased up after my pregnancy always had my shorts to hand. Was doing great with my training and was flying with my running.

Last year I had my 3rd child and had a severe prolapse and a few other issues as well. Wore my shorts for as long as I could through out my pregnancy but unfortunately I needed to have a hysterectomy. Had the op in October last and had few complications since (leaving me with incontinence issue which is being worked on by physio and fitness). Wearing my EVB shorts daily has seen an improvement in my control.  I have a few pairs of shorts and leggings, which I’d be lost without as they are helping my pelvic floor and give me more confidence for doing day to day stuff. I wear them out walking and light jogging, for my training and recovery. If I didn’t have them, I’d be isolated at home due to my incontinence.  I would need to be close to a bathroom with even just walking.
Sport is a huge part of my life and I love to be fit. I love to swim and  teach fitness. Which I miss and can’t wait to get back to ASAP. I’ve been advised to do some swimming which I do regularly and this is helping.

I’ve given myself a few challenges this year to help motivate myself: Swim a mile challenge within 30mins, Saturday park runs which will be walking and light jogging, Mini Marathon, Dublin race serious and Marathon and Sea swims. (Yv Note – So nothing too challenging then Natasha ….!!)

Maxine Jones: England

Maxine worked in investment banking for 23 years. She sat at a desk in the chaotic money markets, trying to make sense of what’s going on minute by minute in a stressful, male dominated, testosterone fueled environment. After 23 years of it she left because of a bullying boss, going home in tears at the age of 40 was not in her life plan, she thought she’d left that behind at school.  But during this time, in a very sedentary job, she endeavored to get to the gym as often as she could, tried everything from aerobics to yoga and done her time dragging herself to classes, treadmills, swimming pools and running groups.

We love Maxine’s story because she shrugged off her old life, said enough is enough, and re-invented herself. She discovered Zumba in 2011 and since then, she’s made it her own. She now holds the most sought after Dance Aerobics classes in the UK, with two DVD’s behind her and regular appearances on the Lorraine show. Maxine (pictured below in her EVBs) is an amazing role model for anyone who believes in their dreams. With hard work and determination Maxine turned her life around and now she is inspiring millions of women to get active and get fit across the world.

Zumba Queen Lorraine Kelly

Fiona Rogers: Australia

Another inspiring hard working mum, Fiona followed her passion to become a world beater. After the birth of her daughters , who are now 24 and 20, Fiona’s interest in pelvic floor health was sparked and she is passionate about sharing her knowledge and expertise in this area to help people regain their dignity and independence. Fiona is an internationally renowned specialist pelvic floor Physiotherapist who still manages a little bit of private practice work whilst running  the website Pelvic Floor Exercise™ . After gaining her Physiotherapy degree from Queensland University she went on to complete a Graduate Diploma in Exercise and Sports Science and worked in a variety of settings including public hospitals, the military and private practice.

Fiona has been instrumental in introducing EVB Sport to Australia. Her patience and guidance and her eagerness to ensure her customers receive the best care and attention is very close to our own hearts. We were keen on acknowledging Fiona in our list of inspirational women today.

International Pelvic Floor physiotherapist

If you liked these stories let us know and more importantly, tell us yours – nothing makes us happier at EVB than hearing from our customers and friends telling us about their journeys.

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