Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is Power

Not only is EVB Sport  built with the goal of restoring women’s confidence but we believe strongly in sharing experiences and knowledge with our community: whether you’re pre – natal, post-natal, peri/post -menopausal, injured or mid pelvic health issue, we’re all about supporting you. Becky Selvey has been a supporter of this community for many years and we wanted her to share with us her story form sacroiliac joint injury to training for European and World 800m events later this year. Perhaps some of the stages she has come through might be relevant to our community of runners who also have fixed goals for the year ahead and we know Becky would be only too happy for them to reach out to her for more advise.

Here’s Becky on the story so far from Ski accident – Injury – Recovery – Athlete – Fitness coach

SKI ACCIDENT Austrian Adventure gone wrong

In 2011 I went skiing to Austria with a couple of friends, having worked 4 ski seasons I’m a fairly experienced skier and ended up skiing with another mutual friend we met while there. On the last run of the last day we were skiing and I caught an edge and fell. I slid on my front down the hill for about 80 metres with the tip of my left ski in the snow twisting my hip into a very unnatural position. Falling didn’t bother as I had fell many times and bounced for a lot longer. This time was very different though and there was an agonising pain in my groin.



INJURY  Back in the UK

On returning to the UK I waited about a week for the swelling in my groin to go and returned to running – at the time running and skiing were inseparable and one fed the other. I was on a run with my club Bromsgrove and Redditch and we were going pretty slow but I could feel a nagging feeling in my right foot. This was the start of 3 years of plantar fasciitis. I tried all the usual tactics to get rid of this but nothing worked. I went to the GP – no joy there, I ended up travelling the country looking for anyone to fix it – I was pretty desperate as it was affecting everything in my life. The tightness was in my right hip, quads, hamstrings, calf muscles as well as my foot. The pain was keeping me awake at night, was making sitting painful and of course running was going backwards!!!!

I eventually found a physio in Manchester who told me I had damaged my sacroiliac joint, we will never know, but I am convinced it was as a result of the ski accident.

RECOVERY Sports therapists, physios, massages, osteopath, gym

She began treating me but unfortunately her treatment wasn’t working as well as we might expect and a trip from South Birmingham to Manchester fortnightly was both financially costly and expensive and not realistic for the long term.

I saw a physio a few times more locally who started treating me, by this time I was 3 years after the accident. He told me my body wasn’t working very well and basically it was a mess!! He told me to get on an Olympic lifting programme. I had no idea what he was talking about, but asked at my local gym. As it happens one of the instructors there was qualified in this area and I had 5 or 6 sessions with him. I still can’t squat very well but the deadlift has been a major part of my training ever since.

I was training for a half marathon at the time and was still getting a lot of tightness and pain, although this had improved. But I still knew something wasn’t quite right. I ended up seeing an osteopath who has been able to put the problem right for me, it took a few goes. I still see him now every few months as the tightness still returns but that left sacroilliac joint has remained stable. I completed the half marathon in a very small pb and decided that would probably be my last one for a very long time.



It was around this time I came across EVB sport and I really identified with the information on the website so ordered a pair. I loved them so much that I kept tweeting and posting Facebook comments with photos of me running in them.

ATHLETE Returning to track racing

I continued running throughout this whole time, as my recovery has moved on so have my race times and we have discovered that my natural distance is 800m, which I used to race at school. I’m very excited about this and am currently training for next summer under a UKA coach whose speciality is endurance and in particular 800m.

I wear EVB for every session and race as I feel much more comfortable and stable in them.

FITNESS COACH Becoming a PT and beyond.

A major part of my recovery has been weight lifting and resistance training and I, without realising it, built up a fairly decent and strong physique. More importantly I really enjoy it, although I will never be swapping it for running!!!!!!!

I was already a PTI (physical training instructor) in the army reserves and absolutely loved it. I made the decision to become a Level 3 Personal Trainer and started working in a gym summer 2017. I had no idea how this was going to work out for me, as it happens it’s worked out very well.

I didn’t have a plan or a type of person I wanted to help, I just let this develop naturally. I have been lucky enough to have helped people with weight loss, help strengthen weak backs and core resulting in less lower back and hip pain. During the snow, cold and icy conditions we’ve had recently many of my gym clients have told me how they are not fearing the ice and that their balance is so much better which of course is a great result.

After a year of gym only training I decided to venture into the world of online training. As most of my friends are runners it turned out that most of my online clients are also runners!!! I’ve been able to set regular short, sharp workouts to improve core strength, mobility, glute power and leg and upper body strength endurance. We have some great results, many personal best times and been able to keep runners who can’t run busy with improving strength till they can get back to running again.

The benefits of online training are huge – training can be done at any time of day, training can be done anywhere including at home with minimal equipment, it’s more cost effective and the workouts are designed for a specific purpose. I use a mobile app and website to deliver the training, the video explanations are excellent and the whole thing is very easy to follow. Fitbit and myfitnesspal can also be synced with it so I can keep an eye on those for you, giving a very rounded approach to fitness and health.



Becky Selvey is a Fitness & Running Coach in the UK. She is a competitive masters age group athlete and makes it her mission to find the best ways to keep her clients in the best shape possible.

Further information about Becky and her new online training course can be found here:



Thanks to Katarina Chrenova for the fabulous photos taken at a photo shoot recently with Becky wearing her EVB’s. If you would like further information about Katarina please contact Becky or us here at EVB Sport and we can connect you.

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