We conducted our first #AskthePhysio session last week with Internationally renowned Women’s Health Physiotherapist Michelle Lyons. We are grateful to all our customers who sent us in questions to ask Michelle. Despite some lighting issues in EVB Sport HQ, we were delighted with the response from our community.  Promise any tech issues will be sorted out for next months session. We put the following questions to Michelle :

1. I feel angry and upset that I now have to have major surgery (hysterectomy) because of the damage done to me in my first childbirth over two decades ago. Why were we not told to be more pelvic health aware?
2. Consultant recommends surgery after two ring pessaries came out in less than 48 hours, trying to avoid surgery by attending women’s health Physio and the use of these pants for cycling and horse riding. Why am I afraid of surgery? What should I do to?
3. I am post hysterectomy? What advise would you give in terms of getting back into exercise? If I am still feeling slight pain what should I do? I never had any trouble and I had 4 children. Then I reached 59 and had to have a hysterectomy. I ran all my life and never had any trouble. Why was I not told to be more mindful of my core and pelvic floor?
4. I wear light support pants all the time and I miss them when I don’t wear them but don’t know if they are taking away my own core strength. So confused as to what I’d the right thing to do. Surgery was a total failure. Any advise or tips?
See below the video for the full interview:

If you would like any questions regarding your pelvic health please send them into Jo at info@evbsport.com.