post natal support

Miriam Gamble & Sarah Nolan

We were delighted to attend the Postnatal support group organised by Senior Physiotherapy Manager Miriam Gamble at Our lady of Lourdes Hospital recently. This is an amazing initiative organised by Miriam and her team for mums. Sometimes it is hard to find the right time and place to help give support and advise to new mums on post natal care. Mums mind is otherwise occupied with the new baby and perhaps a few more toddlers at home but this course is refreshing in the advise it gives to mums.

The biggest thing we got out of the session was for mums to mind themselves. Ask for help and support. Your body has just been through probably the most traumatic experience of it’s life and it really is time to be gentle on yourself. Be kind to yourself and respect what has just happened.  The simple things like asking for help to bathe the baby, to lift the carrier seat, to off loading the pelvic floor as much as possible. To ask for help. We were delighted to be featured on the documentation and literature as a recommendation if you are considering to get back into high impact sport.

Miriam has set up a facebook page  ‘Maternity Physio Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital, Drogheda’ for anyone who would like to know about the next class and where to book. There are lots of initiatives happening around the country in hospitals and if you are a new mum  ask your nurse, midwife or obstetrician for some information on where you can access the right information. Contact us here at EVB Sport if you would like any further information regarding postpartum support groups organised by the leading maternity hospitals here in Ireland and the UK.