We are delighted to announce that leading UK Charity for awareness and support for women who have suffered trauma and injury during childbirth recommend EVB Sport. Check out the website and under the tab on  coping EVB Sport is noted.

“The MASIC Foundation aims to reduce the incidence of birth injury as well as helping new mothers who may be suffering in silence from its symptoms which are too often hidden in society. These issues are crucial to the future wellbeing of women and their families, which I strongly support.”
Baroness Cumberlege, Head of the National Maternity Review

Please find further information about this wonderful charity https://masic.org.uk/tp:// 

This charity travels around UK holding conferences to medical professionals bringing awareness to Injuries in Childbirth. EVB Ambassador Jenny Tighe, a mum who has experienced trauma in childbirth, forms part of the Board of this charity. She travels with the charity giving her personal experience. We are very honoured to know such an inspiring woman. Someone who has taken a truly negative experience and turned it into something so positive. Educating the professionals on the effects the injuries she has sustained to help drive change and reduce the incidents of trauma in childbirth for others. Here is a link to a blog Jenny wrote for us a few months back :

Childbirth injury: Sometimes it doesn’t go according to plan!

We will keep you updated on further dates and events and we look forward to working closely with this wonderful team.