Mind Our Men

Mind Our Men

It’s the month of November and a few things have happened lately that reminded us that it was time to shine a light on our better halves, brothers, dads, uncles or sons.

An Irish Independent article by Eilish O’Regan with the well-known physiotherapist Maeve Whelan highlighted how the numbers of men seeking help for pelvic pain has increased in her practise over the last 10 years, “I am worried as I see more of them coming through now. I am worried about adolescents. It is getting worse and worse…. In 2005, her practice got 168 pelvic patient referrals but this year it has increased to 991.”

The number of women asking about support for their husbands has increased here at EVB Sport too.

We have experienced an increase in the number of calls we are getting directly from men too, and even some physios have started to recommend their clients to try out our support garments. We know that some of the husbands of our customers are robbing their partners EVBs for that engineered support on the football pitch.

Is this happening to you? Can I ask if it is, can you please let us know? We are in development of the male version, and if our community start asking us for the products, then it will give us no excuse not to go and get them produced.

I must say that for the guys that are already wearing them, we are getting no complaints – so they must be working. Their pelvic floor and core is just like ours (with a few minor differences!!!) so the sling type of effect is providing them with the level of support you have already become accustomed to.

I wonder, is it that there is an increase in the problem as Maeve pointed out? Our lifestyles are much different than 20 years ago. More IPads; more time spent sitting in traffic; longer hours spent at computers; all giving rise to poor posture.

Or is it that this generation are asking more questions, seeking more advice and not putting up with pain? Is there more education about listening to our bodies, and understanding the niggles and finding solutions? It would be great to think so.

We feel it here at EVB Sport. We eat, sleep and breathe pelvic health and we feel there is momentum gathering. It’s great to see more awareness, more conversations and less stigma. As a society, we are still not recognising the area enough or dealing with it well enough yet, but there is progress.

Anything to prevent surgery and promote conservative treatment, promote exercise and movement and improved quality of life is our motto. We are on a mission to improve awareness; to educate and collaborate with our customers and their families; the medical professionals and research institutions to bring about change.

The next phase of our testing has just got underway in the Biomedical Department in the University College Dublin. We are using the UCD motion capture system to evaluate the effect of EVB active wear on biomechanical parameters related to gait and posture. From previous testing of our product, we have preliminary data which also includes supporting anecdotal evidence that EVB active wear improves gait and posture. We now wish to obtain further independent verification of this using high-quality motion capture equipment.

This is the next step in the journey with regards to posture, pelvic alignment, lower back pain, incontinence, prolapse and how it all connects.


We recently caught up with the team in UCD including Dr Giacomo Severin, Richard Brophy who is using this project for his Biomedical Masters, and Dr Donal Holland Assistant Professor, UCD School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering and former Associate at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. We are very excited to be working with these fellow engineers and will keep you posted on the developments.

For more information about Prostate Cancer, click here for another brilliant resource from Maire Keating.


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