Monday Motivation – 1% Each Day

Monday Motivation – 1% Each Day

1% stronger every day

There is no better Monday Motivation inspiration you will read than an email from a determined strong Mum reaching her goals 1% at a time! Thank you Shelly Cox for sharing. It has certainly motivated us here at EVB Sport HQ.

Hello ladies.

I just wanted to message and say thanks for creating such an amazing product .I bought my EVB leggings approx 6 months ago. In Feb of last year I gave birth to a little boy via c-section. After 8 weeks I started spinning in my local club and as my fitness levels progressed. I began circuit training and boxfit, and was introduced to core exercises. I had no core. After a few classes of struggling I had seen your product in Elverys and began to research it a little more. I decided I would invest and see how I would get on. The difference was unbelievable, I felt more secure and the support given to my core and lower back was amazing.

Car accident

I began jogging and had a goal set to do my first 5k this year, however following a car accident 8 weeks ago my goals have been put on hold. I sustained neck and back damage. I am now returning to a low level of fitness and have been wearing my EVB’S to my spinning class to provide me with the support I need now more than ever, but my god do they help. I’m confident that in time I will be able to return to jogging and reach my goal before the end of 2017 but only with the help of my EVB’S. I just need to get a supply of the leggings to have a pair for each day of the week. A girl can dream right!!!!

2lb shy of 4 stone weightloss


Shelly Cox before and after

I’m proud of how far I have came and looking forward to what I have yet to achieve. I was overweight before becoming pregnant and now I am 2lb shy of 4 stone weight loss. I am a size 10 now which I never was I was always on the heavy side, and despite the accident pushing me back or has not stopped me. 1% stronger each day.

Here is  a photo  from when I reached 3 and half stone as that was target I set myself. But am below that now something that I never thought I would reach as I have tried so many things before but I joined motivation and that really has helped me too along with my fitness, which I love now and have been missing so much but I’ll get back to it. 1% stronger each day.


Best wishes from Shelly.

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