Mothers Day Competition 31st March 2019

Womens health

Mothers Day Competition 31st March 2019

Women – Joining together, making each other stronger

To celebrate Mothers Day we have an amazing prize to give away. A group of five professional women based in Drogheda who are all passionate about women’s health have got together to for a wonderful giveaway. Having learned so much from each other and benefited from each other’s wisdom and skills, we have now come together to be able to share our knowledge and areas of expertise to support other women in achieving better health, a greater sense of wellness, and ultimately happiness in their lives.  Together we are stronger – together we achieve so much more!

Yvonne , Karen, Ciara, Lisa and Sarah

We are:

Yvonne Brady – Chartered Engineer , Designer & Manufacturer.

Yvonne wanting to start exercising again, took up running soon after having her third baby, and like many women found that leaking a bit of urine was an embarrassing side effect. However, initially thinking she was the only woman in the world that had this issue, she felt totally isolated, embarrassed and indeed mortified! Nonetheless, Yvonne is an engineer, and got to thinking about how she could solve this problem…She reckoned that millions of women around the world were causing extreme damage to their deep core muscles by pounding up and down the roads and placing excessive strain on their core muscles. Therefore, Yvonne set about creating technology in a revolutionary activewear product that would optimise the pelvic floor and keep women safe whilst they train – and EVB Sport was born! EVB Sport is now 6 years old and selling across the globe.

These amazing products are recommended by 1000’s of pelvic health practitioners across the world from maternity hospitals to gynaecological clinics to independent GP and physiotherapy clinics. Knowing they are preventing injury to women as they exercise keeps Yvonne and the EVB Sport Team motivated and energised. They are committed to ensuring pelvic health gets the awareness it needs and continue to provide support garments that will keep women doing what they were born to do!

Sarah Plunkett – Chartered Physiotherapist, Pilates Instructor and Founder of BodyRight Physiotherapy

Sarah is a Chartered Physiotherapist and Pilates instructor and specialises in manual therapy, and for the last ten years, women’s health, specifically.  Having initially worked in the Mater Hospital, she went on to open Bodyright Physiotherapy Clinic in Drogheda to great success.  Sarah is very much dedicated to helping other women achieve a life that is free from pain and discomfort, and wants to empower them to take action on their own health journey: Outstanding at what she does, Sarah has over 17 years’ experience as a Chartered Physiotherapist, over 2 decades of yoga and breathwork practice as well as 15 years being a qualified Pilates instructor.  Her calm and gentle nature is very reassuring, and you know that you are very safe in her capable hands.  Coupled with a real desire to live a harmonious life with nature and the environment, Sarah brings a wealth of knowledge of all things natural to her work, and is a true example of someone who really practices what they preach.

To get in touch with Sarah: 0353 41 9843950

Ciara Ryan – Nutritional Therapist

Ciara loves nutrition and food and is passionate about the real power of nutritional therapy in helping with both prevention of illness, as well as supporting the body through times of sickness and poor health. Ciara has always had an interest in nutrition but admits she didn’t always know how to nourish herself properly – a common complaint with so much different information coming at us today! Having suffered quite a bit in her 20s with fatigue and digestive complaints, and fluctuating weight, she’s happy to say that now in her 40s, she’s turned it around with what she calls a ‘living in the real world’ wholefood diet.

With Ciara’s guidance, knowledge and caring nature, her clients have also experienced really wonderful improvements and benefits regarding their diet, relationship with food and overall mental and physical health. Ciara supports and empowers each client to take control of their own health and enjoys helping them reach their wellness goals whether that be a life free from ill health, resolving ongoing digestive issues, waking each morning feeling healthy and energised or to make PMT, pains and aches, cravings or mood swings a thing of the past.

Contact Ciara on 00353 87 7955509

Karen O’Brien – Meditation and Mindfulness Coach

Karen is one of life’s angels and always has the right thing to say at the right time – coupled with a wonderful sense of resilience as well as a wicked sense of humour, Karen is definitely someone who will brighten your day.  Asking, “Who has time to be staring at the back of their eyelids and being present in the moment?”…her unbridled response is, ”Hell, yesss –  I do!”

Karen tells us that meditation is a magical portal to a life free from perfectionism, and beating yourself up. We definitely want lots of that medicine! Meditation is simply a technique you use to train your mind to be mindful when you need it the most, like when you’re about to lose your sh*t. The experience of peace follows you relentlessly throughout your day. Doesn’t that sound amazing? And it’s yours if you want it, even in those moments when your little treasure is having a tantrum that would put Sponge Bob Square Pants to shame!

Like most good things in life, enlisting a professional gets you better results.  Karen is there to guide you so you aren’t writing to-do lists on the back of those eyelids, or because you feel you’re too busy and freaked out to enter that magical state of subliminal calm.

Karen also reminds us, that the flight attendants have it right, as when flying to sun kissed shores, they tell us to apply our own oxygen mask first.  Take the time to pause, reflect and respond – Karen is the perfect person to help you along the way.

You can contact Karen at: 00353 87 6489686

Lisa Heeney – Reflexologist, Aromatherapist, Author of AromaBump – The Belly Bible for Aromatherapy in Pregnancy, and Founder of AromaBuff.

Lisa has been helping women stay healthy and happy using reflexology and aromatherapy since 2001, and since starting her holistic work has had the pleasure of supporting thousands of women through their pregnancies.  Having used both of these therapies herself throughout her own three pregnancies, and now in day to day life, she knows first-hand how well they work in helping alleviate stress, improve sleep quality, ease many pregnancy discomforts and of course, help you through your birthing experience.

Drawing upon her experience and knowledge of using aromatherapy and essential oils in pregnancy, Lisa has written a book, AromaBump – The Belly Bible for Aromatherapy in Pregnancy.  She has also developed a range of 100% natural, aromatherapy focused body products for men and women that include body balms and butters and beeswax lip balms.  You can find out more about these products at

You can get in touch with Lisa on 00353 87 858 1752 or

Competition for Mothers Day

Head over to our Facebook page to be in with a chance to win this amazing prize. For our international friends we will put together a different prize later in the year. Stay tuned!

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