Back to School

Back to School

New School Year

I am not sure how you all feel about the dawn of a new school year. I know for many years September simply marked the end of summer for me but over the last four years since my eldest daughter started school it has changed. September always makes me realise that my babies are growing up which is exciting but heart breaking. Next week I will see my baby head off to big school. A day she is super excited about and a day she is ready for (thanks to the Maples Montessori and all her wonderful teachers). I however am not so ready!! I must resist the temptation to keep her with me.

Back to school

New beginnings

I can’t believe the speed with which this summer has passed and the day trips and events we have not managed to fit in. I am looking forward to the enforced structure our lives  will now take on. I think that is why September is such a busy month for us all in the health and fitness business. September is the beginning of the new healthy lifestyle that we all let slip a little during holidays and the better weather. It is as if it starts the countdown to Christmas ( 16 weigh ins left until Christmas, I am reliably told!. Every slimming group, running club, gym and sports group will see an up take in membership over the coming months. For many it will be the start of a new way of life and for those well established in their sport a return to their normal routine.

Womens health physio

Yvonne & Michelle Lyons discussing the new platform for ‘Ask the Physio’


Ask the Physio

We are so looking forward to continuing out on the road meeting our customers and helping you to remain motivated and involved in your sport. If we can help any of you out please do let us know. We can’t wait to start our ‘Ask the Physio’  sessions with Internationally renowned Physiotherapist Michelle Lyons. Drop us any questions you might have in relation to women’s and men’s pelvic health. We feel passionately about helping you to continue and excel at your sport/exercise. Please no matter what your question pop it over to us and we will do our very best to get you some answers.

Wishing you all a very happy September!!! We will embrace the changes and passing of time together.

Joanne xxx

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