5 Tips for Running With Prolapse

We have compiled our top tips to help you run safely with prolapse.

Running with Prolapse?

If you have ever googled pelvic organ prolapse you might be forgiven for thinking your days of high impact exercise are over. If you are a women that enjoys fitness it can be a frightening moment. However, there are many women with pelvic organ prolapse who continue to exercise at different levels.

Running does cause strain.

Running is a high impact sport which requires support from your pelvic floor to minimise damage. Prolapse is a symptom of poor pelvic organ support in the body. This means running can cause incremental damage to the pelvic floor over time if it's not supported by other means.

EVB Sports 5 tips for running with prolapse

1. Play around with running speed

Increased running speed requires more pelvic floor activation. Reducing running speed may lessen the impact of running on the pelvic floor.

2. Alternate running surfaces

Avoid constant running on hard surfaces such as roads and concrete pavements. Try to mix up running sessions to include softer running surfaces such as grass, gravel and sand. Water running is an excellent form of low impact running.

3. Train for downhill running

Downhill running can cause extra impact on the pelvic floor. If you are returning to running or experiencing symptoms of prolapse after running downhill, it may be that you need to work on building pelvic floor strength to support you on downhill runs.

4. Try different running distances

If you are new to running or returning to running it may be an idea to build up your distance slowly. That way you can check in and see if you are noticing any increase in symptoms before increasing your distance.

5. Consult with a Physiotherapist

Physiotherapy has proven time and time again to improve the tone and strength of the pelvic floor muscles. A pelvic health physio can assess individual cases and provide you with a personalised program.

Bonus: Use Support Shorts

If you follow the above 5 steps you will limit the damage running does to your pelvic health, but for real non-invasive support of the pelvic floor we recommend shorts like the EVB Boxer Briefs which are a Class 1 Medical device and clinically proven to physically support your pelvic floor.

What is EVB Sport and what does it do?

EVB sports was founded by Yvonne, who had suffered with leakage while out on a group run. She quickly ran home, while feeling confused, isolated and out of control. When she got home she realised there was millions of women with these same issues but nobody trying to solve it. EVB sport was born and has spent over €1 million to date on reasearch in helping women suffering from prolapse and leakage in high impact sports.

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EVB Sports creates engineered clothing that supports the pelvic floor. Fashionable clothing that can be worn under your current clothes, or in the case of leggins and shorts, worn alone. We have over 250+ 5 star reviews on trustpilot and video reviews from marathon runners, doctors, teachers and grandmothers.

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