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Our Mission: To improve the lives of millions of women worldwide who suffer from urinary incontinence, prolapse or pelvic pain.

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What is EVB Sport?

Game changing clinically proven Engineered clothing to support women with pelvic challenges. The company has to date invested over €1 million in Research and Development. The clothing is made from special fabrics woven in a unique way - Ergonomically layered to provide uplift support to pelvic floor muscles, while optimizing the continence function. The engineered solution produces a hammock effect mimicking the pelvic floor muscles elevating pelvic floor and bladder neck thereby reducing or eliminating stress incontinence while providing support for prolapse and pelvic pain. The solution also improves posture with added benefit of superior sports performance and fewer injuries.

Yvonne's Story

On one particular training session we were required to run 18 miles. The group I was running with that evening had two 9 mile loops around the country roads in Dunleer, Co Louth. It was a beautiful August evening and I had completed the first lap unscathed, then ¾ of the way around the second loop I peed myself, a lot! At first, I actually didn’t know what was happening. Realisation quickly turned to mortification and complete shock and horror. I moved slowly to the back of the line and composed myself. I hoped I could get back to the clubhouse and my car without anyone realising what had happened to me. It was a long lonely 2 miles to the car, feeling like a failure. I sped home, ran into the house, showered and didn’t speak to anyone about what had just occurred. I felt a sense of loss, isolation and a total loss of control.

I finished the training though and completed the marathon. It’s funny really, whilst shortly after having a baby, I was back wearing my skinny jeans again and looking fit on the outside, but I was far from fit on the inside. After the marathon I went back to my obstetrician for a check up and was told to allow the body time to heal. She showed me how to perform my pelvic floor exercises correctly. We were all given a leaflet in the hospital describing how to do them but when you are shown it's a different ball game. So much clarity! I seriously would recommend everyone to have one check up with a women’s health physio to steer them the right way!!!

What was I thinking really? I had rushed back into a high impact sport too soon after having a baby and now realise the repetitive pounding wasn’t good for my core. Being an Engineer I’ve been taught to look for solutions to problems and I spent the next few years researching the issue, attending conferences and engaging with the medical professions in this area. To me there was a disconnect between the sports industry and the medical world and information/education was not readily available to women who need to protect their foundation. I searched online forums and found literally millions of women feeling just like I did. The need for stylish supportive sports wear was apparent, sportswear that would protect their core and prevent irreversible damage. EVB Sport was set up to do just that! A company that would support women in mind and body. Since our Dragons Den appearance in 2014 we have gone from strength to strength selling in over 40 countries worldwide.

Its not until things go wrong do you understand the importance of the pelvic floor muscles and all around it. The body is an amazing machine and I love working in this fascinating field. There is so much to learn and every woman’s body is different. I see young Mums out now pressurising themselves to get back in shape and feel like themselves again. They don’t realise that they might be causing irreversible damage to themselves. I haven’t ran another marathon since – yes a few half-marathons and maybe there is one more in me, but there is one thing for sure I want to continue being active and sporty just like my Mum well into her 70s. I know I can do that with my EVB’s. Nothing will keep me younger and stronger than a fit core!

Our Team

Yvonne Brady


CEO & Founder

Elizabeth Doran

BA Digital Media

Marketing Manager

Larry Keaveney


Finance & Marketing

Brian Hughes


Engineering Strategist

Maeve Whelan

Chartered Physiotherapist

Clinical Advisor

Cinny Cusack

Chartered Physiotherapist

Clinical Advisor

Dr Suzanne O Rourke


Medical Device Advisor

Debbie Dillon

Specialist Physiotherapist 

Clinical Advisor