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Clinical Studies

EVB Sport and Core have conducted 5 major studies at luminary Academic University and Medical centres to validate the efficacy of the EVB Engineered clothing solutions.The key findings are as follows:

Research department - EVB Sport & Core

Effect of EVB Shorts as evidenced by Ultrasound scanning.

EVB Engineered clothing lifts the bladder neck to a significant degree.

EVB’s lift the bladder neck to a greater degree than by contracting your pelvic Floor yourself.

EVB’s prevent the bladder neck coming down as far when you bear down.

EVB’s prevent the Vaginal Wall from coming down or prolapsing.

The Ultrasound study scan images showed the vertical line of the urethra increasing almost 7 times in one woman wearing EVB shorts. This proves that EVB’s provides tangible support for the Pelvic Floor.

School of Nursing and Midwifery – Trinity College Dublin

The PLEASE study: Postnatal Leakage, Exercise and Activity Shorts Evaluation Study

Confidence: 82% of women say that EVB products give them confidence as compared to 47% who wear other garments.

Support: 82% of women say that EVB products give them Support as compared to 44% who wear other garments.

Security: 82% of women say that EVB products give them security as compared to 41% who wear other garments.

Preference: 93% of women prefer EVB products while only 7.1% preferred other garments in trial.

Overall, EVB garments increased women’s feelings of Confidence, Security and Support

Royal College of surgeons Ireland

Impact of EVB shorts on women with Stress Urinary Incontinence during exercise

No woman had “very severe” leakage while wearing EVB Shorts.

No woman wearing Ordinary Shorts was “dry”.

The range of urinary leakage with EVB Shorts was dramatically less than with Ordinary shorts.

The average amount leaked with EVB Shorts was less than half that with Ordinary Shorts.

All women reported feeling supported and confident with EVB Shorts.

School of Health & Human performance Dublin City University

Physiological, Metabolic, Perceptual and Psychological responses during treadmill running in women with Urinary Incontinence

Study showed that Women suffering from Stress Incontinence who wear EVB Shorts are TWO & A HALF times more likely to remain dry during exercise.

Study also showed that Women who wear EVB Shorts are more likely to feel Confident and Enjoy the Exercise.

School of Engineering Biomedical Department
University College Dublin

Analysis of the Effect of Compression Garments on Running Gait

Ultrasound scanning confirmed:

Wearing EVB Shorts alters the Biomechanics of running.

EVB Shorts may improve running form and prevent sports injuries.

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