How it works

EVB products improve the life of women who face challenges due to prolapse, incontinence or pelvic pain.

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1 Lifts pelvic floor

EVB products act like scaffolding for your pelvic floor muscles. It supports these muscles like a hammock, mapped to your body.

2 Stabilizes organs

The elasticated high waist compression helps stabilize the internal organs, preventing them from bouncing up and down and putting pressure on the bladder.

3 Positions pelvis

The support encourages the correct position of the pelvis, stopping you from actively over bracing your muscles as you try to support the organs yourself.

We have invested over 1 million euro on research to provide the best possible solution for women. EVB Sport has been validated in 5 clinical trials in Ireland’s leading Universities, showing consistently positive effects on urinary leakage and posture.

Ultrasound Video

Surgery for leakage involves supporting the bladder neck. Our research using transperineal scanning in a standing position has shown that EVB Shorts lift the bladder neck significantly, prevents it from coming down when you strain, and prevents the vaginal wall from prolapsing

Clinical Studies

EVB Sport and Core have conducted 5 major studies at luminary Academic University and Medical centres to validate the efficacy of the EVB Engineered clothing solutions. We go in depth on these studies over at our clinical corner.

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