Full Length Leggings


The leggings are ideal for the colder months of the year. Designed to help alleviate lower back pain as alignment is improved. Excellent support for those suffering with prolapse. Unique support for post-surgery patients. EVB Sportswear is the only sportswear that supports your pelvic floor which is extremely important for all postnatal women. Mesh panels behind the knee allows for extra breathability. The soft fabrics along  the length of the leg ensures for a silky smooth feeling. The feeling of security and confidence is extended along the entire length of the leg for that complete and overall feeling of being held in. The contour seams and technical cutting process helps provide a smoother behind coupled with longer leaner legs. The flatlock seams are strategically placed to elongate the leg for a defined slimmer silhouette. They are ideal for running, gym, cycling, walking, or indeed any sport.

[mk_table title=”LEGGING SIZE CHART INCHES +/- 5%” el_class=”shop-table-data”]

EVB 6 24.6-26.5
EVB 8 27-30.5
EVB 10 31-33
EVB 12 33.5-35.5
EVB 14 36-39
EVB 16 39.5-42


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Fitting your EVB Sportswear

To find out how to fit your EVB’s, please watch the video…

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Additional Information

Size 6 EVB, Size 8 EVB, Size 10 EVB, Size 12 EVB, Size 14 EVB, Size 16 EVB, Size 18 EVB