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Game changing Clinically proven Engineered clothing solution to provide support for Incontinence, Pelvic floor or Prolapse challenges.

The patented Engineered garments use several special materials woven in a unique way to create the incredible positive effect.

  • Unique blend of materials and special weaving pattern, provides the outstanding Pelvic support.
  • Recommended for low intensity exercise.
  • Significantly reduces propensity to leak.
  • Moulds to your shape and fits like a glove.
  • Improves posture thereby improving athleticism and reduces potential for injury.
  • Clinically validated in trials at luminary University Medical Centres.

Our leggings are only suitable for low impact activity. Things like cycling, pilates, yoga or walking. If you need support in more intensive exercise our shorts or boxers are required.

How it works

1 Lifts pelvic floor

EVB products act like scaffolding for your pelvic floor muscles. It supports these muscles like a hammock, mapped to your body.

2 Stabilizes organs

The elasticated high waist compression helps stabilize the internal organs, preventing them from bouncing up and down and putting pressure on the bladder.

3 Positions pelvis

The support encourages the correct position of the pelvis, stopping you from actively over bracing your muscles as you try to support the organs yourself.


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