Proof that women don’t peak in their 20’s!

Proof that women don’t peak in their 20’s!

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Angela Campbell in her EVB Shorts

Joanne Allen from EVB Sport took time out this week to chat with one of our customers who only took up running 7 years ago and is definitely proof that women peak in their 20’s is a myth.  Angela Campbell has been a good friend of Joanne’s for years and in fact was the first person that she ever ran with. Joanne will say that whilst she took a break from running to have her second daughter, Angela continued and has gone from strength to strength. However, Angela has had to overcome injuries to continue running. Joanne wanted to take this opportunity to ask her how she has managed to keep going and what advice she would give to us all:

What sport did you enjoy as a child?

I enjoyed horse riding as a child but I never overly enjoyed sport and did not run.

Angela when did you start running and why?

I started running about six or seven years ago which I find hard to believe now. Before running I walked a lot. I used to get up at 6.30 in the morning and walk regardless of it if it was sunny or snowing. Then about seven years ago I decided to try running. It started slowly and after a while I decided to join a club. I joined with you Joanne and a couple of other girls.

What club did you join and how has this added to your running experience?

I joined Drogheda and District and at first I just trained two nights a week. Being in the club helped me as I meet so many people and we all encouraged each other regardless of our ability and speed. These friendships and the encouragement I received helped me to continue to train. When I am exhausted after work and not in the mood to train I think of the others in my training group and that makes me get off the sofa and go. I always feel great after so it is worth it. I now train four times a week. Running on a Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday and I go to a core class on Wednesday organised by the club

What do you love about running?

I love the head space it gives me, it is my time. It allows me to enjoy my food and the odd glass of gin, guilt free. I really enjoy company of the club and the great friends that I have made. Once I have finished training I have that feel-good feeling.

Joanne and Angela in conversation

I know that you had to stop your training for a while can you tell me about it?

Yes, it started with a tightness in my calve muscle, I would have to stop running and walk. I tried for a while to train through it but it was getting worse. I spent months and months going to physio’s and trying all sorts of different treatments. I had to look at all aspects of my running. I discovered that I was dehydrated and this was adding to my issues. I also had to change my training. I require extra slow warm up time and extra cool down and stretching post training. Wearing the correct runners and gear is very important also. I purchased EVB’s about eight months ago and I love how they make me feel when I run. They improve my posture and I just feel confident and I run better. I feel stronger than ever.

Do you prefer distance running or sprinting?

I love running but I am stronger on the shorter faster distances. As a result, I have not trained for a marathon. Now that I have my injury under control I am back training properly. This year I am hoping to complete a mile in 7 minutes.

Wow that is amazing. What is your favourite running memory?

I think it is this year competing in the National relays for the over 50’s in Raheny. I was delighted to have qualified and I really enjoyed the day. It was extra special that I put in a good time of 7.19. I am also delighted to have completed my fasted mile at 7.05 this year.

Finally, Angela what advice would you give to anyone thinking of taking up running?

I would say just go for it! Joining a running club is a great way to meet people and to keep you motivated. There are lots of couch to 5 km around the country. Most of all have fun and enjoy your training.


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