Rocking the short shorts at 44!

Rocking the short shorts at 44!

Summer is here and it’s time to give the legs a bit of an airing and get into the short Shorts. We love hearing what our customers are getting up to around the globe.This fabulous blog just in from Becky Selvey in the UK

Hi Yvonne,

So I started running again about 8 years ago. Real plodder, but I was out there doing more than walking my dog. I didn’t do races, had never heard of Parkrun, running clubs or c25k, I just got out there and did it quietly on my own and often under the cover of darkness.

Skiing accident

In September 2010 I entered a race, 8 miles of multi terrain hills. It was organised by my local athletics club, I was the first woman to finish who wasn’t a member of a club, it was suggested that maybe I join one, so I did. It was cross country season and I loved it! In March 2011 I went on a ski holiday (for many years skiing had been my passion and I’d work 4 ski seasons in my 20’s). On the last run of the trip I fell and badly twisted my left hip. I didn’t realise it at the time but I’d done quite a bit of damage.
It took me about a week but I got out running again and felt a pain in my right foot, this was the start of 3 years of plantar fasciitis. Every morning was agony. However I carried and my running improved, I was getting stronger, quicker and was losing weight. I did some track races in the summers and felt that this was where I felt more comfortable and my foot didn’t hurt so much. I did 3 half marathons, my PB is 1:43.01. However my physical condition worsened and I always felt like I was limping.

 A different approach

During all this time there were trips to the doctors, physios, podiatrists etc. I met someone who took me to their physio in Manchester (I live near Birmingham). She took a very different approach and annoyingly didn’t even look at my foot. However she did notice my sacroiliac joint on the left was basically non functioning, it’s believed due to the ski accident, and was causing the problems in the right foot. She gave me some exercises to do and I saw her a few more times, however trips to Manchester were not sustainable.
I’ve since found an osteopath 10 minutes walk from my front door who has helped me. I’ve learned that for me to run I have to do a lot of strength and conditioning training to stabilise my pelvis. Of course the evb shorts have been a vital part of this. I’ve also changed my shoes and have regular massage.

Personal trainer

So, last year I decided to put all this to good use, I’m a personal trainer who’s main client base is women with pelvic instability, I’m in a great position to help them and I love it! I’m also a UK athletics coaching assistant and am just about to set up my own online coaching and training business.

health and wellnessGroup 5 ranking in UK

Oh yeah! And as for my running, well last year after a couple of years of putting my body back together I had a breakthrough year. PBs at all distances from 400m to Parkrun, not once but many times over! I won my age group at the Westminster mile and have a UK age group 5 ranking for the distance.
Absolutely devastated to pick up a running injury around Christmas in my right foot yet again! I’ve done the physio, lots of cycling, swimming and aquarunning to keep fit as well as weight training. The physio said I’d be in insoles for life, I wasn’t ready to accept that so I’ve had 2 bio mechanical assessments done. One with and one without insoles. Without them my pelvis is perfectly stable!! I was amazed about that.

Drive and determination

I started training again in March and signed up for a duathlon, a very small local event organised by a local club. Some how I beat an old friend who’s far better than me to win the ladies race. My fitness has gone from strength to strength since then and the other day I did a 1 second Parkrun PB. Might not sound like much but it had been 11 months since the last one and is an indication of progress.
The evb shorts have been a godsend. They’ve given me the pelvic stability and confidence to train and race hard. I wear them for every session, who’d have thought at the age of 44 I’d be wearing shorts this short and be feeling good about it.
Becky xx

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