The Self Love Challenge

The Self Love Challenge

As this is the month of love, I thought I would talk to you all about self-love and care.

“I have spent all of my life criticizing myself”

Self-love is a concept that is foreign to most of us. We recently attended a Pure Results event and had the pleasure of listening to a thought-provoking speech by Gerry Hussey. He spoke about how we speak to ourselves. He talked about how we are so cruel to ourselves, like when we look in the mirror and tell ourselves how awful we look. If we could just find one nice thing to say about ourselves when we look in the mirror (even if it is just that you have nice hands!), this positive comment changes your conversation with yourself in to a positive one.

I have spent all of my life criticizing myself. I have always thought that once I am aware of my own shortcomings, then I wouldn’t be hurt if someone else pointed them out to me. I suppose I view it as a method of self-protection. Listening to Gerry speak, and thinking of my own daughters, I felt sad. What if they think of and talk to themselves the same way that I do to myself? It was the first time I really looked at it differently. Inspired by this, for the month of February I am going to try and take on board the idea of saying one nice thing to myself each day, and to not allow the negative in.

EVB Sport is all about maintaining a positive mindset. We are about helping our customers overcome obstacles and supporting them in reaching their goals. Everyday I see how positivity helps our customers.

At another recent event, a lady asked me if she had “left it too late” to get help with her pelvic floor issues. She had never spoken to anyone about her problems before. This lady is young, talented and vibrant. She has everything going for her, but had no hope when she thought about her pelvic floor issues. All she needed was to be given some information, hope and positivity. We need to stop sending ourselves negative messages; we need to reprogram our brains to “I can”, “I will” and “I am fabulous and unique”. This relates to all aspects of our lives – personal and professional.

I challenge you all to join me for the month of February: say one nice thing to yourself every day. Try to do one nice thing for yourself every day. It can be something as simple as reading a magazine for ten minutes, painting your nails or going for a walk. I’ll be challenging myself alongside you all and I know my partner will thank me for this Valentine’s day present, as hopefully I will be less stressed and far happier…….


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