EVB Sport Explained

Our Mission: To improve the lives of millions of women around the world who suffer from incontinence, prolapse or pelvic pain.

Therapy for stress incontinence, prolapse or pelvic pain

What does EVB Sport do?

  • We design and manufacture stylish, comfortable clothing to alleviate prolapse, bladder leakage and pelvic pain.


  • Engineered to mould  to your body shape, acting like a sling to pull up your bladder neck and pelvic floor.


  • The triple layer technology ergonomically maps Your body to control continence function.  

Get back your peace of mind.


Why is Core Support so important?

  • The muscle layers known as the pelvic floor, form part of the core. (See video explaining in more depth about the core )


  • Lower back pain, abdominal discomfort, light bladder leakage, prolapse are symptoms of a weakened pelvic floor and high impact exercise can cause symptoms to worsen.

Why EVB Sport?

  • Game changing clinically proven Engineered clothing to support women with pelvic challenges. 
  • EVB Sport has been validated in 4 clinical trials in Ireland’s leading Universities involving in total 67 women, showing consistently positive effects on urinary leakage and posture. €1million invested in Research & Developement to date
  • 81% Excellent and 12 % Great from independent reviews from our customers. 


  • EVB Sport  act like a scaffolding for your pelvic floor muscles and the layered specialized materials in the support garments create a hugging type effect.


  • The elasticated high waist compression uplift helps stabilize the internal organs and prevent them from bouncing up and down, alleviating pressure on the vital pelvic floor muscles.


  • EVB technology encourages the correct position of the pelvis, stopping you from actively over bracing your muscles as you try to support the organs yourself.


Clinical trials


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