• Well another marathon successfully completed with my wonderful EVB shorts and met few ladies who also said they wouldn't complete their training without them. Yvonne Brady u legend 😍😍😍😍 amanda kearney

    Amanda Kearney
  •   All weather runners Cora and Alison Mc grane: 'Great day at Carlingford 10k Couldn't do it with out my EVB leggings just love them' cora

    Cora Mc Grane
  • Fit2drop - UK Fitpro feeling the difference in her EVB leggings Completed my first run with the amazing @evbsport leggings!Felt great, core engaged, pelvis stable & comfortable. sarah dineensarah dineen fullsize

    Sarah Dineen
  • 'Loving my @evbsport leggings, more than pelvic floor, I was more posture aware, my waistline is feeling it today thx'   maxine women know your limits

    Maxine Jones

    I live in Australia and I was researching where I could buy some supportive running shorts and apart from one other company, there were not many options on a product that specifically supports the pelvic floor, lower back and tummy area. After my third child and a weakened pelvic floor, I ruled out running as an exercise option for me. Over 12 months I have strengthened my pelvic floor, experimented with a new running technique and now with the support of EVB shorts, I can leave the house for a run knowing that I am supported. It really is enjoyable to get out for a quick jog, knowing that I can maintain my fitness without putting strain on my body. Yvonne and Siobhan at EVB were extremely helpful with sizes. Postage was quick and payment was simple using Paypal. I would highly recommend these shorts and I have been spreading the word to my running mum friends here in Australia. Thank you again EVB!

    Sarah Butler

    In terms of feedback I used them for a 5 mile run this morning. They do EXACTLY what they say they do and supported me very well – very pleased. I have Sacroiliac joint instability and really struggle to run without proper support…… so far I’ve a positive impression of them  

    Rosemary Monk

    I bought the woman’s sports shorts at the Dublin marathon expo from a lady called Yvonne – and she wanted feedback. THEY WERE AMAZING!!! so so pleased with them and my sister now definitely wants a pair. can she email me on above (I had baby henry 7.5months ago and was first marathon back post him (had done 17 before) was expecting about 5 hours due to loo stops and did 4hr20 – yippee!!!

    Elaine Smith, UK

    Did my first full iron distance opting to wear shorts under my tri suit for the run section and after 26 miles and 15 .5 hours on the go in total I was fresh and dry finishing.


    I have just received your newsletter and thought I would write. I have recently purchased a pair of your shorts after having a baby three months ago. I returned to horse riding about a month ago and was leaking whilst trotting! A friend suggested these. Not only have my leaks stopped but I feel much stronger and more secure in the saddle. I am a physio and specialise in treating riders. I see lots of riders with pelvic pain and have been recommending your shorts

    Louise Broom Chartered Physiotherapist

    Great Core support, no chaffing & a PB- Are they designed as ‘go faster’ shorts too?

    Dr Juliet Mc Grattan Mum of 3, wife, GP, runner, and columnist for Women’s Running and Women’s Walking magazines
  • EVB Sport provides support to the perineum / pelvic floor and across the core thus reinforcing the core muscles.The shorts will support your organs. They will stop you from actively over-bracing your muscles.

    Maeve Whelan MSc. S.M.I.S.C.P. Milltown Physiotherapy Practice
  • I received shorts yesterday,thanks. I wore them horse riding today and they felt absolutely amazing. I'm thrilled with them. I have less pelvic pain and back pain, than when I got on. They made my day. Great design. I'm keeping them especially for that purpose. thanks again.

    Corina Westlake
  • Thanks for my EVB capris, Hope & Dream 10 in Enniscorthy. - Jane Power.jane power

    Jane Power
  • Almost a PB in the rain @evbsport @aon_runningUK 3 seconds from a parkrun PB in the rain but happy in my #evbs and #onclouds.    

    Becky Selvey
  • Fitness trainer loving her EVB’s!

    For years I have worked on my core ,before and after I had my daughter too , but i was still having issues, then Saturday came, I popped on the shorts to give them a try , I was nervous because at first I felt they were too tight , I wasn’t sure if I should wear them or not, yet I was fed up of my previous end of race experiences ruining the joy of finishing so I gave them a go, I have to say I’m delighted . I felt so secure! I crossed the line feeling more confident that I had all year,for once I didn’t mind the Stewart ushering me on, usually I have to stand still and cross the legs!!! I love the support round the tummy too, I wore the shorter shorts Saturday, I have the longer ones now to try out a few times before the weekend, they also are great as the prevent rubbing of the thighs which I suffer from no matter what weight I’m at. Thanks Yvonne for bringing to the market a fantastic product , I’d search for shorts I was comfortable in for years, these tick all the boxes for me’. yours in health & Fitness

    EVB Aoife from yvonne brady on Vimeo.

    Aoife Loughran Mammy to Emily 3yrs xxx

    Thanks for the call and the mail I really appreciate it. As I was telling you, my husband misplaced my original pair. He wouldn’t have a clue what they are for, and following two runs without the shorts on, I know now what a huge difference they have made for my confidence when I am running. There is no way I’d be attempting the marathon without them! Hopefully the other pair will turn up and then I’ll have ‘back up’! You have devised a brilliant product which has made a huge difference to women giving them the confidence to get out there and do their thing whatever that may be, so well done!

    EVB Catherine from yvonne brady on Vimeo.

    Catherine Downes

    I have been singing your praises at my Pilates studio and the clinic where I see my surgeon and physio. I have been telling everyone about you. Thank you for encouraging me to try the medium shorts. I kept those and about a week and a half ago sent you back the large pair. You were right. I just needed to work the waist over my hips and the fit was fine. Normally I wear a Canadian size 8 or 10. I wore them to my class last week and they worked well. I see my surgeon on Monday coming up and plan to show her. I found the price to be reasonable and the quality is very good. I received them I believe September 26. Let people know the wait time is very fast in my opinion. Congratulations Yvonne!

    Sue Lord
  • I have been delighted to recommend EVB sports shorts since being introduced to the product.  My patients have reported back to me just how much confidence they feel they have when they are wearing them enabling them to run when they otherwise would not have had that option. Women who have prolapse have found the perineal support excellent when exercising and women with symptoms of dragging or pain have also found the lift in perineal position very helpful in getting through a day even when it is just about activities of daily living. I would highly recommend it as an option across any urogynaecology or colorectal patients.

    Maeve Whelan International Women's Health Physio MSc. SMISCP, Dip. Obs. & Gyn. (Physio), Milltown Physiotherapy Clinic
  • Well I received the leggings few wks ago and I am happy to tell you that I love them. I wear them all the time. I've ran, cycled, climbed torc mountain, at the gym and I even wear them doing the shopping and lounging around at the weekends. The length on the leggings is perfect for me. They are a bit longer that The length on the leggings is perfect for me. They are a bit longer that three quarter length on me as i am tall but that suits me fine. I love the snug fit and they are very slimming plus the support on my core and my lower back is brilliant. I don't get any aches in my lower back during/after running since I changed to your genius invention

    Geraldine Histon
  • For keeping fit, use supportive gear such as EVB Sportswear . They elevate the perineum against the urethra and are especially useful for younger women who want to exercise.

    Dr Suzanne O' Sullivan C.U.H. Cork University Maternity Hospital
  • Physio Praise

    I am a Physiotherapist, involved in the treatment of postnatal women, particularly those suffering with Diastasis Rectus Abdominus. I am also a postnatal mother of two, who has also suffered with pelvic pain and Diastasis. I was very interested in trying out the EVB products, from both a personal and a clinical perspective, as I have found that supports can be impractical and expensive and tape and tubigrip can be uncomfortable in the management of these women and their associated conditions. I was very impressed with the leggings that I purchased with EVB. They provided me with both support and proprioceptive feedback to the abdominal and pelvic floor regions that will be a useful adjunct to rehab facilitation of these core muscles. They really provide support in all the right places and I will definitely be recommending to my clients and will be using myself. Thank you!

    Alexandra Chapman
  • Walked the Cork half marathon today in my new pair of EVBs....they are fantastic..no back pain at all...which is unheard of for me.

    ‎Elaine Oughton‎
  • Just have to say how comfortable the EVB shorts are to run in. I have them a few weeks now and I can't see me ever wearing anything other than these amazing shorts.... definitely recommend them !!

    Helen Flanagan
  • amanda kearney Amanda Kearney training for the Great Ireland Run  wore my leggings today to try with 6 miles done and definitely ticking all the boxes. Nothing moving giving u the confidence to run without worrying. Complete protection for the core and back. I have worn training gear and within the first mile, I would feel lower back pain but not when wearing my shorts r now my new leggings. Just love them and totally highly recommend them. I will continue to use now for my long runs and marathon in June all going well and staying injury free. Thank youYvonne Brady you're a legend. ☺☺☺ making women feel more confident.

    Amanda Kearney
  • ULTRA RUNNER is super impressed!

    Feedback will be 100% positive. I’m super impressed. Reason for delay is wanting to give you most complete feedback and I’m still lining up my ducks on that one. The short version is shorts will be worn in a Guinness world record attempt to run 12 marathons in 12 days (the 12 marathons of christmas). Still working out all the challenge fine details which is why I hadn’t replied until now. I promise I’ll be in touch with more comprehensive review soon but I really am super impressed.

    Jo Fearon Ultra runner, triathlete and Mum of 2
  • SOCCER MOM thinks her EVB’s are fab!

    Well my soccer season is nearly over and I’ve repeatedly worn the shorts. Bar the struggle getting them on and off they are fabulous!I knew they were working but only realised how much last night. That was the first time al summer I went without the shorts as they were in the washing. And yes there was a definite difference. So I would thoroughly recommend the shorts to any Mammy who wants to be that bit more confident playing their sports post baby. I would definitely say the shorts give the extra confidence to play a 90 min match and not be worrying about anything else other than playing your best. Thanks a million.

    Lisa 37 yr old Mom to 2 young boys

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