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To improve the lives of millions of women around the world who suffer from Incontinence, prolapse or pelvic pain.


Game changing clinically proven Engineered clothing to support women with pelvic challenges.  €1 million invested in Research and Development to date since 2012. The clothing is made from special fabrics woven is a unique way. Ergonomically layered to provide uplift support to pelvic floor muscles, and optimizes continence function. The engineered solution produces a hammock effect mimicking the pelvic floor muscles elevating pelvic floor, bladder neck and hence reduces or eliminates stress incontinence and providing support for prolapse and pelvic pain. The solution also improves posture with added benefit of Superior Sports performance and less injuries.


EVB solutions have been clinically validated in 4 trials conducted by Royal College of Surgeons, Dublin City University, Trinity College Dublin and University College Dublin. Outstanding reviews with 81% excellent, 12% great, transforming the quality of life for women.!

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